Thursday, January 31, 2013

Emerson's 13 Month Update

Emerson, 13 months 

Weight: 19 lbs (skinny Minnie!)

Height: 30 inches

Clothing: Mostly 12 month, occasionally 18 month pants and 9 month shirts. 

Sleep: Still 12-13 hours a night, and 1-2 naps per day. No complaints from mama! 

Disposition: Happy 99.5% of the day :)

Vocabulary: Up to 27 words now! Favorites are "Mama" and "No." New ones are Bowl, Whoa, and Waffle (which sounds more like Wa-Wa, but at least she knows what it means?)

Mode of transportation: As of this week, has completely given up crawling and is now walking everywhere. Still hates to fall down.

Favorite Toys: Her "Choo Choo" and Tupperware

Favorite Distraction: Disney Junior

Favorite App: The free piano one on my Kindle Fire. She's basically Beethoven on that thing.

Favorite thing on the planet: Her "baby" (See below). She has 4 of them, but we only give her one so that we can wash the others and stash them in covert places. 

Status: Still one of the greatest babies ever in the history of babies (biased much?)


  1. She is precious! I think it's hilarious that she loves tupperware. Too funny!

  2. That pic of her w the baby! So cute. And 27 words is fantastic:) another month down and so much growth!