Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Peeking out from the new mom cave

Well hi there!

Remember me?

I used to blog. I wouldn't call myself a blogger, because there are so many people out there that are wayyyyy better than me at it, but I did blog, I swear.

But then I bought a house, had a toddler and a baby, and I just got kinda busy yanno?

Forgive me? Please?

I'd be lying if I said it was only my new baby that has been keeping me away. Fortunately, Sweet, sweet Anna is a sleepy, easygoing dream come true.

No, instead, I am spending every spare minute that I'm not holding my newborn or playing with Emerson working on our house. Our house that I love but DAMN!!! Painting sucks. SUCKS. If I never see a paintbrush again it would be too soon. Too bad we're not even halfway done. If I hated money I would hire painters, but instead I'm choosing to spend my maternity leave not resting. Not even a little.

I'm telling myself that I'll get to rest when the once is done. Because unlike our old house, which was in some state of construction for the whole 5 years we lived there, this house will be "done" once the painting is done. Well, at least done in terms of what I'm willing/able/capable of doing. And that glorious goal is what I am working toward, because I can't wait to be "bored" in this new house. We've set a date of July 4th to have all the painting done, which is pretty realistic. We're going to throw a party just to tie ourselves to that deadline too. Stay tuned and I'll let you know if that was the worst idea ever.

Anywhooooo, the moral of the story is I've been slacking on the updates. Ergo, to entice the forgiveness out of you, let me show you some pictures of my beautiful, beautiful daughters.


What up home slice?


She wore these white pants before Memorial Day. Don't tell Tim Gunn.

I shall eat ALL of the pretzels.

Emerson 2011 - Anna 2013... Twinsies!
So sleepy

Double stroller... best thing EVER! We love exploring our new neighborhood and parks :)

Milk drunk ;-)

So beautiful

 Oh wait. That's sushi. Sushi that I'm allowed to eat now. Thank the Lord! Ok, back to the babies.

At Heather's wedding. Youngest person there ;-) Also, half of Heather's female wedding guests saw my boobs because I nursed her in the bathroom twice. You're welcome, Heather's wedding guests. You're welcome.

This is how she falls asleep

Tiny baby hands


Sleepy family

This girl will always be my "baby"

I'll be back soon with more updates, some house before/after shots, Anna's professional newborn shots, and her crazy birth story. Until then, stay cool folks.

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Hi, I'm new here

Hi everybody!

My name is Anna Beverly, and I was born at 9:44am on Thursday, May 9th (my mom and dad's anniversary!) I weighed 7lbs 10 oz and was 20 inches long. Boy does mommy have a story to tell you about my arrival!!! Mom and Dad named me in honor of my grandmothers first and middle names :)

I love sleeping, my "shisshy" Emerson, and milk.

In case you were wondering, Mom and Dad are heads over heels in love with me, and are so happy I'm here :)

Monday, May 6, 2013

A Letter to My "Monster"

Dear Emerson,

Within the next few weeks, our lives will change forever. I watch you be-bop around the house, so carefree, so happy, so sweet. On one hand this tells me that you are going to take on all of these major transitions with ease. On the other hand, I realize that you'll have a new sister, a new house, and a division of your parents time all at once, and I feel this painful regret that we're throwing all of this at you at once.

The last 17 months have, by far, been the best of my life. Every moment I spend with you, I know that I've done something right in this world. You make me so happy, without even trying. I love every single thing about you, and I don't think you'll really understand until you have a baby of your own someday.

I am cherishing these last few days with you. Sweet little you, my "only" child here at home right now. I can't have enough of these moments, and it tugs on me in a way. We always knew we'd give you a sibling, but what I didn't realize at the time was that giving you a sibling also meant giving up my "you" time. Time for me to focus my everything on my precious girl. When my time and attention would be only on you.

I need you to know something Emerson... bringing your little sister in this world will change alot of things. But I know, without a doubt, it will not change the way I feel about you. I've heard from multiple sources that when you have another baby, your love is not divided - your heart just expands. Well I know me, I know dad, and I know you, and if this were to be true for any set of parents, I assure you it will be the truth for us. 17 months ago, I couldn't imagine how I could love a person as much as I did from the moment I saw you, and yet every day I love you more and more. In a way, it lets me know that despite all of my flaws and all the mistakes I've made, I was meant to be a mom. Your mom. And soon, your sister's mom too.

I am so excited to watch the two of you grow up together. I know there will be fights, squabbles, hair pulling, shouting, jealousy, and anger, but even though those things are inevitable, I truly believe this is the way life was supposed to happen, and I dream of the moment the two of you first lay eyes on each other. Lucky for us, it won't be long.

But just know, you're going to get LOTS of mommy cuddles until then - hope that's okay with you ;-)

Love you baby girl,


Friday, May 3, 2013

That's Funny Friday!

Well folks, I woke up with a pep in my step. Today is my last day of work, we move on Wednesday, and despite between 79 weeks pregnant, I feel great.

As such, I've decided to celebrate by bringing back "That's Funny Friday! I am also celebrating by eating two breakfasts, a doughnut, and a cupcake all before 10am. Some people say why, I say why not?

Here's what's making me laugh today:

They still make these?!?!

It's a good question...



But seriously...
Every time

He just gets me!

And my personal favorite:

Oh WebMD....
HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Emerson - 16 Month Update

 Weight: 20.5 lbs at her last doctor's appointment. 30th percentile. Still just a peanut

Height: 32 inches (I think?) I forget what the doc said, but I just know she's 35th percentile. I still don't know, however, what percentiles really mean.

Teeth: 12. Has both top and bottom molars and appears to be working on more teeth on top.

Favorite Hobbies: Going "Out," reading books, and coloring. She loves loves loves walking up and down the sidewalks, and just generally being outside. I swear she'd walk to France if we'd let her. And if she could swim.

 But when inside, she loves bringing me books and will plop down on my lap so I can read to her. Oh goodness how I love this. She calls all crayons and the act of coloring "color" and can even name one color, purple. That must be her favorite? Good thing, because that's her new nursery/bathroom color :)

Amateur Picasso??

Eating habits: Obsessed with peanut butter. No, obsessed doesn't even cover it. One of the first things she asks for in the morning. Still doesn't like meat, and will call some foods "icky" if she's not used to them. Someone tell me they get less picky with food after age 2, I can't believe she's not bored eating the same things over and over again. 

New Skill: Has become a pro at eating with a fork and spoon. Until she's done eating, and then everything ends up on the floor.

Showing off her "haircut" and mommy's scarf. Strike a pose, girl.
Word Count: 80! Continues to amaze me with how many words she knows. She's such a good communicator, and is really getting good at stringing words together into fragmented sentences. Her pediatrician said to expect that her baby sister will probably say very few words at her same age, because the oldest usually talks for the youngest. Uh oh. 

She also says "Please" every single time she makes a request, and it's so cute that I can never tell her no. "Mommy? Chip? Please?" = Sure Emerson, you can have the Dorito right out of Mommy's hand, just because you asked nicely. And yes, I have given my child Doritos on occasion. You can call me Mama June.

How much does her mommy love her?: Impossible to measure.