Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Despite having a three-day weekend, it didn't feel long enough to accomplish my Mt. Everest-sized to-do list. However, lucky for you all I have made some truly fascinating observations in my time "off.":

If a house is in a perfect location, at a great price, is completely updated, but yet has been sold on average every 18 months for the last 8 years, what are the chances that it's not all kinds of haunted? Slim to none right?!?! Pass.

Selling a house is expensive. And time consuming. Don't do it unless you have to. And even then, do you really have to???

This yum-yum sauce recipe can make ANY homemade dish taste like a Hibachi Chef whipped it up special for you just this afternoon. Right now I am dreaming about my healthy Quinoa Fried Rice for lunch, which will be negated by the cup of sauce I'll put on top. The quinoa is for me, the mayo-based sauce is for the baby. Gotta fatten her up!

The Bachelor is so great this season. Not because it's super exciting or dramatic, but I just think Sean is the real deal. He kicked off the girl whose occupation is "Model" and has already proven himself to be 1765 times the man that Ben was. Word.

My husband still hates The Bachelor. And we only have one TV in the house right now. Sorry I'm not sorry?

98 Degrees, New Kids on the Block, and Boyz II Men are headlining a tour this summer called "The Package." I can't even... 

My daughter is the greatest thing in the entire world. Nothing compares to the love you have for your child. Nothing. 


  1. We're starting to look at houses too and I feel you. As soon as we see something it all of a sudden has something wrong with it!! And when I found out about "The Package", I nearly died. I half wished that NSYNC was involved....and by half I mean whole heartedly

    1. If Nsync were part of the tour, I would quit my job to be a roadie/groupie. No questions asked.

  2. So...what are the other choices rather than selling it? Renting it out? We totally should have waited on buying our "starter" house and then upsizing and instead just gotten the real deal the first time around! I am scared to death of selling!!

    And, I LOVED Sean's reaction to Kacie's drama. She completely got what she deserved and was smart for sending her home for that. And the "model"...I'm not buying it. I am pulling for Lesley and Selma to be the last 2. Amanda has been hit by the crazy train.

    Your last observation is the best:)

  3. Gah my hubs hates the bachelor too....all his comments crack me up when it's on. He's loves all the cray cray's on it haha.

  4. Selling your house sucks, especially with kids. I can't even tell you how stressed I've been.
    I want to see the package tour too!! Can not wait!
    This is definitely one of the best seasons of the bachelor!