Wednesday, January 9, 2013

12 Months

Emerson Elizabeth,

Do you care to explain yourself????? Tell me how you've gone from this:

To THIS in just 12 short months.

It's enough to make my heart swell and ache and cry and laugh all at the same time.

You've gone from a tiny baby who only eats, sleeps and poops to an independent toddler who eats, sleeps and poops, but also does a bunch of other things.

As I sit here taking stock of everything you're doing, I try to think about what life was like 12 months ago. I hope more memories come back to me (good thing I blog, right?!) but I was so tired and confused and anxious that I feel I did what everyone told me not to do. The time went by so fast, and I worry that I didn't appreciate it enough.

But what I do know is that after all the new parent worries and sleep deprivation have subsided, I love, Love, LOVE every single moment I spend with you. You are such a joy. I could just watch your little mind work all day. You're always interested in something, always investigating, and always smiling. You melt my heart on a minute to minute basis.

You have been so busy this month! Um, you walk and talk. You're like a person.

You can say 22 words. TWENTY-TWO. I looked it up online, and the internet said you were supposed to be able to say 3 words by now. So naturally, I've done what any parent would do and concluded that you are, in fact, a genius. Even though you dazzle me with your amazing vocabulary, when I walk into the room and you throw your arms up and say "Mama!" I never want you to say another word ever, because what other word could compare to the sheer recognition of knowing you know me and love me and want me around all the time? I'm sure that won't last forever, so I am soaking it in for as long as I can. I cringe for the day when you call me "Mo-om" and roll your eyes. Ugh. Might as well stab me when that happens.
Your absolute FAVORITE thing on the planet right now is brushing your teeth. Oh goodness gracious, we can't even go near the bathroom without you pointing to your mouth and going "Teeth! Teeth!" We brushed them 5 times one day. That's your personal record. I mean, it's not like it's a bad habit or anything, but still... you're like the anti-child. If you didn't hate getting your hands and face wiped, I'd be convinced you were an adult trapped in a baby's body. And what a tiny body that is! You can still wear your 9 month PJs. Your legs and torso are so long, but you still have that adorable, squishy baby belly that is just too cute for words.

You're still a great eater. Though I was worried for awhile there that one could overdose on Cheerios, you still eat your vegetables, which makes me happy. And you love milk. Since I drank a gallon of milk every other day while pregnant with you, I blame myself for this. Now I find it revolting, so your baby sister will probably hate it and there we go. I'm instilling sibling rivalry already. The only thing you don't seem to love is meat. Chicken = yucky. But the other day you ate bacon, which was weird and cute because I kept thinking about your cute pig toy upstairs and I had a Carnivore's Dilemma on my hands.

You're so much fun. SO MUCH. I want to hang out with you all the time. Good thing because I'm your mom. You also love hanging out with other people too. Look at you loving Aunt Jeanie and helping Aunt Kenny with our furniture shopping. I hope you always like people. Except for bad people. Those people can stay as far away from you as possible.

Those are the last of my monthly stickers (see below for when you peeled off both your hair bow and your sticker at the same time). You are officially no longer an infant. You're a toddler. I have a toddler. If you weren't so cute and fun, I would be sad, but I just LOVE this stage with you. Knock on wood, your temperament is still just amazing. You just get these bursts of joy and happiness, and I feel so validated in my life, because in some way, between nature and nurture, I am cultivating this little person who loves life. That's all that I want for you.


Thank you baby girl for giving me the best 12 months of my life.




  1. What a cutie she is!! :)
    22 words?! Oh my word! My 15 month still babbles and only says "lease" (please) for food! My girl was a huge talker too, and still is. They ate SO much fun!

  2. This was the sweetest post ever and I can relate on so many levels. She is simply adorable! Truly a genius! My almost 20 month old is just starting to wow us with words. She had Dada at a year. That's it! I know it's so sad to say goodbye to the baby days but toddlerhood, challenging as it can be, is really so much fun!

  3. aw this was so cute. She is adorable!

  4. She is so cute! I love that little white hat!!

  5. She is such a doll. And WOW 22 words has to be genius level :) My 1 year old old says Mama and oh uh.