Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A 24-hour detour to Disney World and a week in Folly Beach

Yeah, I definitely realize it is October. And that we went on this trip over two months ago. But, since this blog serves as a diary for my girls, I want to make sure I recap it, even if it happened weeks ago, and the warm days of summer have been swept away by the chilly fall air. So, let's put on our metaphorical sunblock and go back to the first week of August.

My amazing in-laws booked us a beach house in the Charleston, SC area for a week. Our reservation was for Sunday-Sunday. A few days before we were supposed to depart, I get a text from my crazy husband saying: "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if we drove down early and took the girls to Disney World, then drove back up to Charleston?"

A few hours later, a plan was hatched. Mind you, Orlando, FL and Charleston, SC are not, by anyone's definition, close together. 

But, when presented with the opportunity to take my girls to meet their favorite Disney characters, I mean, I'm not gonna say no right???

So, we packed up the car, the girls, 500 snacks and DVDs, and took off, heading south at 6:30pm and arriving in Orlando around 9:30am. Exhausted, but excited. 

We checked into our hotel, took showers, got the girls dressed, then set them on the bed, full of anticipation because we knew they'd be SO EXCITED. We even taped their reaction.

 Weeeelllllllll, we thought they'd be so excited. And I guess they were, in their own way.  Oh well.

So, we drove over to the Magic Kingdom, and our first stop was meeting Rapunzel and Cinderella. Now THAT got Emerson's attention.

At first she said "Mommy, I can't! I'm too shy!!!" She was immobilized.

But then she saw the princesses, and she FREAKED.

They look totally unimpressed, but I swear Emerson was beside herself with excitement.

Rapunzel took the "baby" and I thought Emerson would hate her forever, but instead, it endeared her to Emerson.

Sweet, sweet Anna-Boo was loving the attention.

Huge hugs!

Side note: This little scene in Fantasy Land is serving as my inspiration for Emerson's 3rd birthday party.

Hungry, tired and thirsty (did I mention it was 100 actual degrees that day???) we decided to go to my favorite restaurant in all of Disney World, the Crystal Palace.

Air conditioning? Check. A full buffet? Check. Get to meet the Winnie the Pooh characters? Checkity check. 

What could be better??

Except Emerson was having NONE of it. She thought Piglet and Pooh were devils from the underworld. Oh well.

Our last attraction of the day was "Enchanted Tales with Belle." Emerson had been watching Beauty and the Beast on repeat (still does, actually) so I knew she'd be excited to meet Belle.

Anna and Jon stayed outside because some people just can't do Disney.

Emerson got to play the part of "Chip" the teacup at this attraction, and she still brings it up ALL THE TIME. Every time we see Chip or a teacup in general "Mommy, I WAS CHIP! REMEMBER MOMMY?!?!"

Our one and only family photo from the day. Not pictured: Copious and uncomfortable amounts of sweat.

After 7 hours in the park, where it felt like I was truly melting, we decided to take the girls back to the hotel to swim and cool off. 

On the monorail:

The question I've been asked by many is: "Would you do it again?" As in, "Would you ever drive through the night again to only spend 24 hours in Disney?"

My answer is no. I can't WAIT to take them back to Disney World, and soon. Just not in August. And if you're gonna make a 14-hour drive, you should probably just go ahead and spend more time at the place than it actually took you to get there. Just a rule of thumb.

  But because I'm an eternal optimist, I am so happy we did it, I don't regret it, and even though the girls probably won't remember this trip, we will. Memories, man.

On the way home. This picture totally sums up their feelings at the end of the day.

The following morning, we slept in a little, got a big breakfast, and headed on up to Folly Beach.

The first few days were a little cloudy and rainy, but I'm never gonna not love being at the beach, so for me, it was awesome.

My sweet sweet nephew Leo and his mommy :)

A HUGE thanks to Ma and Papa for taking us on this wonderful vacation!
What an attractive couple, right???
On our second day there, the whole caravan decided to explore the city of Charleston a little more.

The babies of the trip. Best buds and super adorable.

I have an obsession with doors. Is that weird? Probably.

"Daddy, daddy! Wait for me!!!!"

Rainbow Row!

I <3 stone streets. Any stone. Cobble. Pebble. Rolling. Whatever.

Love and marriage. Love and marriage. Go together like a horse and carriage.

Charleston is a completely charming city. I could never live there in the summer, due to humidity and bugs, but I would love to go back and explore even more.

The rest of our week was pretty low key, which is exactly what we wanted and needed, but on our last day, we did sneak away for a few family photos on the beach.

You know, my whole heart, just hanging out on the beach. I love these three people more than you could ever imagine.

The closest we could get to an all-girls picture.

Sassy pants. (her, not me)

I would like to think she's thinking "Oh Mommy, you're so funny and silly and you're my best friend and always will be."

That hair.

The cutest two-year-old in human existence. 

There are loads of other places I'd like to explore in the U.S., but honestly, I could be anywhere in the world, and as long as I'm with my family, what's in the background is just scenery.

For me, this is what life is all about.

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