Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday Topics Link-Up

Though I'm a little late on this bandwagon, I'm joining up with Tiffany's 'Tuesday Topics' link-up this week. Because even though I have zero free time, somehow each week I find a way to squeeze in some tube. And since I know you are all DYING to see what I'm watching, here we go!


I don't know what I love most about this show, the drama or the fashion. If I could have one day in Emily Thorne's closet, it would be a dream come true. But seriously, if you're not on the Revenge bandwagon yet, and you have a uterus, what the hell is wrong with you? It's the perfect combination of sophistication and guilty pleasure.

The Bachelor

Oh The Bachelor series. I just can't quit you. I loathe reality TV. Despise it. I think all the Teen Moms and Kardashians and Real Housewives should be placed on a deserted island, never to been seen or heard from again. But for some reason, I am glued to the TV during Bachelor season, and I don't see it stopping anytime soon. My vices are coffee and Bachelor. I feel like it's fine.


The newest addition to my TV show roster. I don't even like country music and I LOVE this show. It's scandalous and and juicy and again, if you have a uterus I'm confused as to why it's not on your DVR.
Modern Family

The funniest show on TV. Hands down. I feel like if Claire and Phil had had another baby 28 years ago, it would be me. I am obviously their lost lost child, because I'm the perfect combination of awkward and controlling that would befit an older child of theirs. If you don't like Modern Family, you don't like humor. Sucks to be you.

Top Chef 

 I don't even recognize half of the ingredients these chefs use, but it's a great show that always makes me hungry and makes me want to cook something fabulous for dinner. Like spaghetti or grilled cheese.

Parks & Recreation

Sometimes I laugh so hard at this show that I cry. Leslie Knope for President, 2016.
The Office

I am ready for this show to be over (it's in it's last season) but I will miss seeing Jim Halpert every week.


We are late to the game on this, but Jon and I have been catching up on this show through Netflix. We're almost through Season 2. It's wholesome family entertainment without being *too* wholesome, if that makes sense. And I love the idea of a family being all so close. I hope Emerson, her sister, and any future babies will always live within an hour of us. Wishful thinking? Talk to me again after their teen years.

Any other shows that I need to add to the DVR? There's not much room, but I'm willing to accept one more contestant.


  1. I haven't watched Revenge yet, but my coworker is obsessed. I'll have to check it out! Do you watch the Mindy Project? It comes on tonight at 9:30 EST on Fox. Freakin love that show!

  2. I love Modern Family! Revenge is amazing! Thanks for linking up! I also thought man I can't think of 8 TV shows, I hardly have time to watch TV. haha boy was I wrong!

  3. New Girl is totally worth it (and I agree with Leah, the Mindy Project is hilarious and comes on after New Girl...).

    Also-Downton Abbey. Seriously, best.show.ever.

  4. I found you on the link up and I'm pretty sure we should be TV besties. Over half of our list is the same. Parenthood is my favorite ever, and I'm still playing catch up with Downton Abbey. I'm in season 2 and I'm actually watching an episode right this minute. I'm a new follower and can't wait to read more.

  5. My thoughts EXACTLY on How I Met Your Mother and The Office. Exactly. I need to start watching Parenthood. Heard so many good things about that show.


  6. The Office is good. As much as it's not been the same since Steve Carrel left I am sad it's the last yeart=