Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Why are textbooks so expensive?!?

I know I've mentioned this before, but my husband is in school to get his MBA. Why? Well, because his employer pays for a good chunk of it and also because while a Master's degree in Architecture may sound fancy, it doesn't automatically generate a six-figure salary these days. Or ever.

He takes about 2 classes per semester (any more than that and we'd lose our minds) so it'll take him about 3 years total to finish it. He's not in a huge hurry to be done, but I know there are many nights when he wishes he could just be home with his girls instead of sitting in class for 3.5 hours. But it'll all be worth it in the end I think.

When he first started classes, I was downright SHOCKED at the cost of his textbooks. I must have put a black cloud of amnesia over this part of memory, but I swear back in my day (2002-2006 and then 2006-2008) textbooks were not this expensive. He had one book last semester that was three hundred and fifty dollars. (I write it out this way so you can grasp the magnitude). ONE BOOK. $350?!? That's like 54 Chipotle burritos. It's a travesty I tell you!

That's why it came as such a huge relief when we (I) discovered CampusBookRentals.com. Every semester, I order Jon's books through this nifty website, and bam! We save hundreds (literally hundreds) of dollars every semester on books that he would have no intention of keeping. (I mean, come on, when was the last time you kicked your feet up on your couch and said "Gee, I really feel like cozying up with a good book on Macroeconomics today!" Didn't think so.)

CampusBookRentals.com offers:
- 40-90% off of bookstore prices (seriously, such a good deal!)
- free shipping both ways (no paying extortionate shipping fees)
- the ability to highlight in the textbooks (remember how you would try to sell your books back and if it had a single pen mark your $200 book was marked down to $5?)
- flexible renting periods (this is perfect if you only need the book for part of the semester
- The company donates to Operation Smile with each textbook rented

Check this out: You could buy this textbook for the bargain price of $249 OR you could save your money and rent it for an entire semester (with free shipping) for $17.04. I know it's a tough decision but... come on.

If you, someone you know, someone you love, or someone you want to impress is in college, you have to tell them about this website!

And my lesson for the day: Saving money good. Wasting money bad. See? I learned something in college after all.

* I received a giftcard to use on CampusBookRentals.com for my testimony, but all thoughts and opinions are my own, as we've been a customer of theirs for 2 years now and are huge fans! *

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