About Me

Hi. I'm Audra. I'm 29ish years old, and I live in Ohio. Gotta love the Midwest!

Here's me as a kiddo.
My brother and sister look indifferent, and I look like I've been crying for days.

I grew up, graduated from college (twice)

Married the love of my life

Decided to start a family, and that's when my world was shattered.

Thankfully, in December 2011 we were blessed with our first rainbow baby, Emerson, who was a dream come true in every sense.

And just a short 17 months later, we welcomed another perfect daughter, Anna.

Our family has seen our share of struggles, which absolutely have made us love more, stress less, and live happier.

If you can handle my random musings, feel free to read along as I share our journey of loss, hope, acceptance, and happiness.