Friday, February 1, 2013

Due Date

I wonder if one day, some day way down the road, that February 2nd will come along, and I won't have that stab of pain in my heart and say to myself "I should have a _ year old today."

Because this is not that year.

Jack would be turning 2 tomorrow. I can't believe I'd have a two year old. Would he have blond hair like Emerson? Would he be into sports? What would his favorite food be? Would he be going through the terrible twos right now? Would he be a happy little boy? What kind of cake would he eat on his birthday?

At least I'll always know that he's a happy little angel, who is hanging out with his best friends up there. I hope they serve birthday cake in Heaven.

Love you little guy.


  1. Of course they serve cake in Heaven, especially to sweet little angel babies. Thinking of you <3

  2. Thinking of you! My angel turns 5 this year and I often wonder the same.

  3. Of course, they serve cake in Heaven. It's Heaven for crying out loud. If there wasn't cake, no one would want to go ;)

    But seriously, there may never be a February 2 that comes without you thinking of how old Jack would have been. Angels have a way of always reminding you of them ;) And if he's even the tiniest ounce like Emerson, he's the happiest friggin' angel EVER!

    I love you and I'm thinking about you!