Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It's Gonna Be May

Tomorrow is May 1st.

May 2013 will probably go down as one of the busiest months of our lives. Here is why:

May 1: Doctor's appointment.

May 3: Last day of work until August!!!

May 7: Move all of our crap out of our current house into a moving van. All of it. Thank God we found movers who are cheap and willing to come two days in a row. Clean said house. Park said moving van in sister's driveway for the night. Also have my 40 week appointment this day, because we're not busy or anything.

May 8: Close on our first house. Close on our second house. Give away keys to one house. Get keys to another house. If it sounds confusing, that's because it is. Drive aforementioned moving truck over to our new house and unload. Begin painting. Why yes, I did purchase 14 gallons of paint this weekend. Why, what did you do?

May 9: Our 4-year wedding anniversary. Reminisce with me will ya?

May 10: My 29th birthday. Also known as the last time I will ever publicly acknowledge my age.

May 11: This is the ambitious day when I'd like to believe that all of the painting is done in our new house. After living in various states of construction for 4 years, I am so so so happy that the only thing our new place really needs is paint (14 gallons to be exact). Still, Rome wasn't built in a day, so I'm sure it will take more than 3 days to paint the whole place, despite how many helpers we may or may not have. However, I like to goal set so here we are.

May 12: D-DAY. Also known as Due Date. Also known as Mother's Day. This would be an okay day to go into labor, don't you think?

May 18: My good friend Heather's wedding. I've already RSVP'd yes, and it's annoying when people RSVP and you pay for their meal and they don't show up for your wedding, so bloated or not, I'm going to be there. I should probably start Googling "Dresses to hide post-pregnancy weight" now.

May 2_- 2_: He's told me 100 times, but Jon has some kind of work conference thing one of the last weeks in May. All I heard was "You're going to be alone with two children for the first time ever" and I decided to block it from my memory due to terror.

May 31: Memorial Day weekend begins. I'll be able to wear a bathing suit again by this time right?? And by bathing suit I mean Turkish bath robe.

Alright May - let's do this!!!!


  1. You're nuts. :P

    I hope your May goes well and that everything goes according to plan. I can't wait to hear updates come June, since you'll be too busy with life to blog.

    1. Thank you! Yeah I can't say how much free time I'll have in May, but will definitely pop in here and there to give updates :)

  2. Any post that starts with JT is a post I love. May is going to be so exciting for you!

  3. Great post mama!! I bet everything will go just fine and you'll be at your friends wedding!! Also laughed out loud at the Turkish bath robe :) sending great vibes your way this next month xoxo

  4. Holy SH*T.

    God speed, girl. I will be thinking about you and hoping everything stays on track and on schedule. Seriously, you are my hero.

  5. omgod girl- I hope you have help this month!! especially the weekend hubbs is gone! and how perfect- mother's day!?

  6. You're going to have a wonderful, crazy and unforgettable summer. Enjoy every minute as much as possible.
    Best wishes!

  7. Man, oh man! Now that's a busy month! Here's to hoping all goes off without a hitch! And congrats on baby...it's my first time visiting your blog =)