Monday, March 31, 2014

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

I saw the following comment on Facebook, and I feel the need to repeat it here: 

 Go home winter!! YOU'RE DRUNK!!! 

Seriously. It snowed on Saturday. Legit snow.

 My emotions and my sinuses cannot handle this winter any more. In the words of Carrie Bradshaw:

Ok, but speaking of winter, the movie Frozen has taken over my house. Emerson loves the songs from the movie, and makes me sing them or play them at every turn. And, truth time, I'm kind of okay with it. Except this weekend, after the 4th viewing in 7 days, I watched this scene and just cried like a baby.

 I won't give you a synopsis, because that would take too long, but basically take a scene with two sisters who are forced apart for 18 years and then their parents die and I am going to lose my shit. And now every time I watch or even think of this scene, particularly the last part, I can't hold it together. 

I just can't propcess anything in that scene. My girls not being best friends. Us not being around for them. Being trapped in eternal winter. You know, all that.

 Disney. Ripping mothers' hearts out of their chests since 1923.

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Thursday, March 27, 2014


Want proof that I'm a witch??
Here it is.

This morning, I woke up thinking about Mariah Carey. Why? I have no idea. Then I started thinknig about how much I L-O-V-E-D her back in the day. Like, way back in the day. Like 20 years ago back in the day.

Case in point, this video:

I was categorically OBSESSED with this video. I loved evvvverything about Mariah in this video as as 11-year old girl. I loved her fashion forward cropped top with hoodie. I loved her half-curled, half-straight hair. I loved her thin eyebrows (yikes). I loved the way she flawlessly roller-skated through this random amusement park and looked like she was having a jolly old time with her friends.

So, back to the witch part. I haven't thought of Mariah Carey in a long time, and haven't listened to her music in years, but I thought of her today. 

And then, when I checked my morning news sources (CNN, Yahoo,<--hard hitting journalism) what do I found out?? It's Mariah Carey's birthday! She was front page, that tricky little diva. I have to admit she looks darn good 20 years later, but I hope I would too with an estimated net worth of $500 million.

I wonder all the time who will be the pop stars that my girls idolize. I grew up in the Mariah Carey, Amy Grant, Janet Jackson-era. What teeny-bop pop star will be en vogue when they're 11 years old and super impressionable?

I don't know, but guess what song is in your head now? You're welcome.

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Basement Progress...errr

2 posts in a row??? Whhhhhaaaaaat?

Coming back again today to share some updates of the basement remodel we're undertaking. One of the many reasons why Jon and I make such a good match is that I am always looking to remodel and redecorate, and the super handy hottie that he is can basically take my ideas and make them happen. 

So, when a few months ago I said "Let's take the dark, useless abyss that is our basement and make something of it" Jon was all "Yeah! Let's do it!!!" 

Just kidding. He wasn't completely sold, but I used my powers of persuasion, reasoning, logic, and nagging, and he agreed to design us a beautiful new space for our home. 

I wanted to share some "Before" pictures, because the place was a TOTAL disaster. We look like hoarders, which is ironic because upstairs we are anti-hoarders. We both hate clutter, but apparently the way we dealt with clutter was just to throw all of our crap in the basement. So, here we are:

^^ That old ass treadmill? Gone. Thanks to my friend Skye for taking it off of our hands. It came with the house, but was just collecting dust.

Today, we're almost through with Phase 1, and Jon should be moving on to Phase 2 in the next few weeks. Phase 1 is framing, electrical and insulation. Phase 2 will be installing recessed lights (LOTS of them), adding plumbing and building the wet bar. Phase 3 is drywall, sanding, painting. Phase 4 will be carpet and decorating (Yay! Finally something I can help with!)

So here's what the basement looks like today (Hint: It is STILL a disaster):


Jon had the great idea to expand the space at the bottom of the stairs by creating a landing and a cute handrail post that matches the one in our foyer.  

We (ahem, Jon and his dad) moved the couch from our living room down here, because it will be part of the entertainment area (it's more appropriate as a basement couch). My plan for the formal living room is to make it more of a pretty sitting room, but right now, it just looks like an empty ass room with no couch, and it's collecting lots and lots of sawdust in the basement. Sorry honey!

See that wood beam that is going directly down the middle of the basement, partially blinded by the horrible lighting situation down there? We're going to leave the beam exposed, but wrap it in cedar wood and stain it, so it makes the beam look purposeful and detracts from the look of a typical low basement ceiling. 

Here, Jon is framing out the mechanical area and crawlspace, aka the ugly but necessary part of the basement that we'd rather not see. His idea is to make a wide door that is also a bookcase so we can maximize the storage space. 

Like this:

The beginnings of a wet bar. Jon purchased a slab of counter top at a deep discount, and we bought a sexy beverage fridge at an ever deeper discount, so he's building the wet bar to accommodate those pieces.

We haven't decided on a backsplash yet, but we'll probably go with dark cabinets with a similar look to this:

The area under the stairs will become an entertainment space for the girls, with their own little TV, bookshelves, and more storage. We love storage. 

And there we have it. Progress.

To most of you, our "progress" just looks like a bunch of 2x4's on the wall, but for wonderful, sweet Jon, all of those pieces represent dozens of hours of hard work.

I'm so excited to see how it all turns out! We're hoping to have it all completed by the end of summer. We want to keep the timeline realistic because a) We don't NEED the basement and b) We don't want to take away quality family time, so Jon is sneaking in work here and there whenever he can.

Have I mentioned how much I love him???

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I say lately because apparently I have not blogged in over 2 weeks. I would like to say there's been a good reason, but it's more because my life is boring. Boring, however, is exactly what I wished, hoped and prayed for pretty much all of last year, so I'll take it.

Here's what I've been up to...

I attended a Mary Kay facial party with my sisters-in-law, and it was a startling reminder that I'm going to be 30 this year. So, I bought the Olay Pro-X (as opposed to the much more expensive Clarisonic) and Neutrogena Eye Repair and just hoping that by the time I'm 40, someone will have invented a cure for wrinkles.

Connor and Emerson had a date at our house, and fell more and more in love. We recently explained the concepts of husbands and wives to Emerson, and now she walks around calling Connor her husband. Foreshadowing? Obviously.

I was sick as a dog last week with a sinus infection, but tried not to take any medicine because I am still nursing. I finally got the suggestion to take Allegra. Hallelujah, what a miracle!

My best friends from high school came down to Columbus to pay me a visit, and we had a blast. I even pushed my childress friend Aunt Jeanie way, wayyyyy out of her comfort zone and allowed her to push my children around Kroger in a shopping cart. Both still in their PJs. Because I am an awesome mom. 

A random Emerson selfie. Seriously, how did I play any part in creating this beautiful little girl?? 
Anna-Boo got baptized a few weeks ago, and got to wear the same dress as Emerson did exactly 2 years prior.

Ohio just can't make up it's mind in regards to weather. It's pushing me to my breaking point. But last night, the temperature reached 68* so we took a walk to the park. The girls LOVED it, and I am fairly certain that I shed a tear of joy because the warm weather felt SO SO good. Today, we're supposed to get 2-5 inches of snow. Eff you, mother nature. Just.... eff you.

I am becoming mildly obsessed with this Dragon Noodles recipe from Budget Bytes. Obsessed meaning I make it once about every 3 days. I love this website, because not only do I love saving money, but because her recipes are inexpensive, that means they are EASY, and easy is the main criteria for this mama.

As for health and fitness updates, I don't have much to report. I am still maintaining my 7lb weight loss from last month, but I've obviously hit a plateau. Which is fine, as I obviously will not be entering any bikini contests ever again (not that I ever did before). But I am mostly happy that I'm back to my old size. That's a huge milestone! One thing I am wondering is if my waist will ever return to normal. It's probably about 2-3 inches wider than it was before I got pregnant, and even though I weigh the same as I did 4 years ago, my waist just looks different. Any mamas out there want to tell me the brutal truth? That it'll never look the same again? I can take it, I swear. One look at the gorgeous girls above and it's all the reassurance I need.

So, see? You haven't missed much. The next 3 months are about to get crazy busy though, so stay tuned!

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