Friday, November 30, 2012


I have never gotten into the whole "leggings" craze.

Not because I didn't want to. I think people who wear them look adorable. I always see girls wearing leggings and I think "Man, what a great look!" but have never taken the plunge. I suspected that leggings would be a trend that was a flash in the pan, and would go away by the time I purchased them, so I held off.

But in my quest to avoid frumpy maternity clothes, I finally resigned myself to purchase some maternity leggings on a whim (aka Black Friday at Old Navy). I mean, they were $10 - if I hated them, who cares??? I could wear them as PJs or something.

So I put them on this morning.


Maternity leggings (henceforth known as "meggings") are the greatest invention of all time. With my sweater, long-sleeved shirt, and comfy boots, I feel like I'm wearing pajamas to work. I am so comfortable that I might cry. No seriously, they are THAT good. 

Yesterday I was feeling grumpy because the button on my regular pants was digging into me. Today I feel like I could do yoga, then go straight to bed.

Yes, they are THAT good. I assure you. All my pregnant friends, you must invest. Right now.

See? Look how comfortable I am. 

Oh, and don't think I missed the irony of the Tampax machine photobomb.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

So What! Wednesday

I refuse to wear maternity pants. Just not ready. I feel like Renee Zellweger pre and post Bridget Jones. All of my weight gain/loss over the last 3 years due to pregnancy has to be doing a number on my innards. But at least I never looked like a creepy skeletor. 

I've eaten spaghetti for dinner almost every night that Jon has been gone. It's cheap, delicious, and easy. And carbs are this baby's friend. Mmmm, now I want some.

I can't stop looking at houses online. Even though it's torture. Even though I know none of those houses will be available by the time we're ready to buy in March. It's an obsession. There's a app too that fuels the fire. It beckons me daily.

Jon and I cannot agree on baby names. Jack and Emerson were our names, and they're both taken. So whether this nugget is a boy or girl, I feel like it will be impossible to pick the perfect name because we've already used them. Ya know? One thing I know for sure is that we will NOT be naming this baby Hashtag. #fileforparentalemancipationnowkid

I order absolutely everything on Amazon these days. I have Amazon Prime, which has free two-day shipping. Which means I don't have to force Emerson to shop with me when it's freezing outside. I ordered trash bags the other day, people. Trash bags.

Emerson will be getting a two-tiered birthday cake, that when all is said and done may cost more than our wedding cake. Judge away.

Speaking of, I am putting more thought and attention to detail into Emerson's first birthday party than my own wedding. But there's no wedding coordinator for baby birthday parties. Actually, I'm sure there is, but Pinterest is guiding my way, sans coordinator fees.

I still want some spaghetti

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Abandonment Issues

Remember this post about trying to get Emerson to say "Mama" and totally failing???

Well, with Jon gone, we are having the total opposite problem in our house. I have an irrational justifiable fear that she is experiencing baby abandonment issues. And here's why:

When I leave the room, girlfriend goes NUTS.

If she's with her babysitter, she's fine. If I'm not there when she wakes up, she's fine. But if I have the audacity to leave her, even for a moment, she will cry and sing a chorus of "Mamamamamamamamamama" and strike a dagger into my heart. And then when I return she clings to me as if I'm going to leave her forever. Don't get me wrong, I will take any baby cuddle any time, but it's still heartbreaking. She has never been a clingy baby, just happy and snuggly, and I really think Jon's absence is affecting her.

In fact, this morning I heard her stirring and went upstairs to get her. Normally she's content to play in her crib til kingdom come/until I pick her up, but today she wakes up, stands up, and immediately starts whimpering "Mamamamamamama" Tears. "Mamamamamamamama." I pick her up. She lays her head on my chest as the whimpers quiet down.

Ugh, it kills me.

Jon will be home next Friday, and it can't come soon enough. The FaceTime thing is just not cutting it. I write about this here because I don't want to tell him (and Lord knows he doesn't read my blog - good thing, he'd probably be mortified), because I know he'd feel bad.

So, because it's what I do, I'll go ahead and look on the sunny side.... at least she's saying mama???


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

All I Want...

... is to eat my weight in mashed potatoes on Thursday

... is to be wearing sweatpants right now. I'm afraid I'm one Thanksgiving dinner away from breaking out the maternity pants. And I have no business wearing them yet.

... is to be home snuggling with my baby girl

... is to be home snuggling with my baby girl AND my husband. Sigh.

... is to stop craving carbs and salt. It's becoming a problem. 

... is to get over the fact that sweet Marley from Glee made a cameo as a topless prostitute in my new favorite show, Homeland. And now she's ruined for me.

... is for someone to come clean and organize my house from top to bottom. For free. I'm accepting applications.

... is for this little baby to keep fluttering around in there. Tiny baby movements are the best!

... is for John Mayer to stop being such a mega douche so I can stop being embarrassed that I love his music.

... is to buy a Crock Pot... and then not be afraid to use it. (I can't get over the idea that people leave that thing on ALL DAY. What if my house catches on fire?!?! But every delicious recipe on Pinterest is Crock Potty. Ugh. I digress.)

...  is for this Toad the Wet Sprocket song to be out of my head.

(Just kidding, I love Toad. And 90s music videos were so awesomely bad.)

Friday, November 16, 2012

The Friday Five

Borrowing Christina's genius Friday Five idea again today! :)

1. What I'm Reading

Insurgent, Book 2 in the Divergent Trilogy. My BFF bought the book, read it, and then held me at gunpoint until I ordered it myself.  I was 34 on the waiting list at the library for the Kindle version, but noooooo, I had to read it NOW she said. So I paid $7.98 to have it auto-delivered to my Kindle. Three days later, I get an email from the library saying the book is mine.  And yes, Jess, I am absolutely throwing you under the bus for all of the Internet to see. That's what besties do. You're welcome :)

2. What I'm Eating

The beeb in my belly has been craving salt all week, so I scraped up the last of my change with the intention of buying Fritos from the vending machine. Yes, I am the epitome of health. But alas, no Fritos to be found. So I settled on Pop Chips because I had heard (also from Christina's blog) that they were good. Lo and behold - that ish was amazing!! The perfect amount of salt and crunch, and only 100 calories. Win!

3. What I'm Listening To

Reminds me of my hubs. 20 more days. 20 more days.

4. What I'm Laughing At

Let me play you the song of my people

I dare you not to think this is hilarious

5. What I'm Loving

My daughter and her BEAUTIFUL holiday photos! Here are a few of my favorites :)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Blog of the Week

Blog of the Week
Who me??? 
I'm being featured as the "Blog of the Week" on the Munchkin Land Designs blog. My little ol' blog - I feel so special!
Jenn designed the radical, tubular and gnarly blog template you see surrounding this page. She was super easy to work with, has great taste, and was very responsive to all of my requests. And I think it turned out pretty well :)
If you're thinking of getting a blog makeover, definitely check her out! Jenn is offering a 5% discount on her blog designs if you use the code BOTWAudra when you order. I have never had my own coupon code before and I feel way more special about that than anyone should.
By the way Jenn, I'll be in touch soon, since I'll be adding a new person to the top of the blog in about 25 weeks ;-)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012



I am so touched by all of the comments, Facebook messages, texts, and emails regarding our big news yesterday. I truly have the greatest family, friends, and blog friends a girl could ask for.

I also got quite a few questions, so let me try and answer some of them.

Yes, we are indeed pregnant :)

My official due date is May 12, 2013. Three days from our anniversary, and 2 days from my birthday. You see, in our family we like to cram as many life-changing events as possible into the same week. Hence why Emerson was due on Christmas and 3 days after Jon's birthday. But she was 2 weeks early... maybe her sibling will be too???

They will be 17 months apart. People either have one of two reactions to this: One is "Wow, that's so great, they'll be close in age!" or the other "Wow, good luck with that!"

Listen here. Am I terrified of having two under 2?? Absolutely. Do I have any doubt that Jon and I can handle it? Not one. When you've been through what we've been through, things that are a big deal for some are no sweat for us. And as I've learned with Emerson, every "phase" is over so quickly. I know I'll get zero sleep for awhile, and it will be hard at times, but no one signs up for parenting thinking it's going to be a piece of cake. And I will gladly take two babies in diapers if it means that those babies are healthy, happy and in my arms.

"Was this planned?" Ugh. If I had a dollar for every time I was asked THAT awkward question, I'd have... alot of dollars. Please, do me a favor and never ask someone that. If they are telling you they are pregnant, clearly they are having a baby, and therefore whether it was "planned" or not, that baby is on the way, and the only thing you should say is "Congratulations!" Trust me.

"How are you feeling??" Well, frankly, for the past 12 weeks I've felt like garbage sauce. HAHA. So very tired and just nauseous basically 24 hours a day. I am finally starting to feel normal again (REJOICE!) and though the nausea did kick my butt this time, it actually went by pretty fast. Let me just say that I have subsisted entirely on Asiago bagels, meatball subs, and spaghetti (not even whole grain spaghetti-gasp!). When this baby is born addicted to carbs, I will have no one to blame but myself.

But anyway, a few months ago I wrote this post about wanting baby #2. We knew we wanted more children, we just didn't know when the "right time" would be. Luckily, that decision was made for us. A month later, I peed on a stick, and here we are! :)

There was no worrying about getting pregnant. No timing, no test taking, no planned "married people time." I know that trying to get pregnant is very consuming and stressful for many couples (we've been there) and I am very grateful we didn't have to worry about it this time. It happened because it was supposed to happen.

The timing couldn't be better. I'll have the baby after school gets out, but I'll be back before the students get back. So the only time off work I'm missing is our slowest time of year. And I'll have the whole summer off with my two precious babies.

So far, all looks healthy and perfect with this little one. PLEASE GOD take care of this little one for the next 25 weeks.

The anxiety this time around has been much better than it was with Emerson. But I still have my panic moments, and my sleepless nights. I probably won't relax until I pass the 21 week milestone, and even then, let's be honest, until he/she is in my arms.

But this baby, just like Emerson, deserves as much love, attention, and positive energy as I can give. I am treating this pregnancy like it will be my last. You just never know. So instead of freaking out all the time, I want to enjoy every moment, just like I did with Jack and Emerson.

Thanks again for all the well wishes - here we go!!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Emerson has been keeping a secret from you...

With all of the craziness of daddy leaving, hitting her head on a Lego, and preparing for Thanksgiving next week, Emerson has been a little preoccupied lately.

But she feels like it's finally time to come clean....

She's been keeping a secret from you.

A big one.

An exciting one.

She held out as long as she could.

But she just can't hold it in anymore.

There. She feels better now :-)

Monday, November 12, 2012

10 months

Dear Emerson,

I am certain that by the time you are able to read and comprehend this, you will have realized that even your own mother isn't perfect. I know, shocking right?!?! But it's true. In this case, I feel like a total failure because here I am, posting about your 10 month milestones just 2 days before you turn 11 months.

However, something you will most likely also know about me is that I am good with Plan B's. If something doesn't work out the way we plan, I'm usually quick to come up with an alternative that's usually just as good or better than Plan A. So my Plan B in the case of total mom failure is that instead of posting on your 10 month birthday, I'm going to give you a summary of your tenth month. See what I did there?? It's even better!

"If you put one more headband on me Mommy...."
Please don't ask about the Band-Aid. Ok, I give. You fell and cut your forehead on a Lego at your friend's house. You were totally fine, but I was in hysterics for the rest of the weekend. Ugh. Even injured you are still gorgeous. But let's keep the injuries to a minimum hmmm???

Well boo-boo, your tenth month was AWESOME. Like every other month with you of course. You are just SO MUCH FUN. So much. I'm serious. You're happy all the time. And so curious. It's fun watching you explore and discover things. It's fun to watch you laugh. It's fun to watch you try and navigate the world. Life with you is just fun.

And you're funny. I love laughing with you (well, mostly at you, but can you blame me?? Look at this face!)

 You have the sleeping habits of a teenage boy. You still go to bed before 7pm, and will sleep 12-13 hours a night. And you're still taking two naps a day. There was a time when I never I thought I'd sleep again (which would have been fine, I would still love you) but man... there are some days when I watch you on the monitor and will you to wake up because I want to hang out with you. But girl, you love your sleep. I imagine that it's one of the reasons you're so beautiful, because you take the term "beauty sleep" to a whole new level.

You're an amazing eater. You are less picky than most adults I know. If I put it in front of you (in manageable portions), you're gonna eat it. I have yet to give you something that you don't gobble up. Even foods I tried in the beginning that you didn't seem to care for are now consumed by the truckload. Your favorites are bananas, broccoli, raspberries and whole wheat rotini. Oh and cheese. Taking after mommy in that regard!

You're so smart! You've learned the signs for 'More' 'All Done' and 'Milk' and we're working on the signs for Mommy and Daddy. But 'More' is your favorite. Yes, you use it to signal when I need to fill your tray up with more finger foods, but now you have come to use it as a way to get everything you want. If you sign more, you want more.... something. Usually food, but sometimes it means more mommy, more daddy, more attention, or something to that effect. It's adorable.

You had lots of fun with your friends this month! Including your future boyfriend, Connor. I think you guys fell in love this weekend, what do you think?? I think I see googly baby eyes.

You are SO SO SO close to walking. You take steps on your own every day. But, in terms of full disclosure, all attempts to encourage you walking have been put on hold until daddy gets home. I don't want him to miss you walking for the first time. You understand, right princess? I hope I haven't crush your Olympic track-running dreams.

I love you so much baby girl. Of all the things I've done wrong in my life, you are proof that there is good in this world. You make every tear I've ever cried worth it. I will never forget how much I love you today, tomorrow, and every single day. You're the best thing in our lives.



Friday, November 9, 2012

Love notes

Thank you all for your emails and messages - I know the next month will be hard, but having the  support and love of my family and friends keeps things in perspective for me.

When I got home to our empty house for the first time, it felt eerily the same... except for the fact I quickly realized that I'd have to take out the trash by myself for the next month (THE HORROR!!!) and I'd need a step-stool to get things out of the top cabinets.

But what made me smile the most was the little gesture that Jon thought to leave for us. He strategically placed little notes all around the house for me and Emerson to find. In the dishwasher, in the medicine cabinet, in Emerson's crib, etc.

And even though he would be mortified to know that I showed someone, I just have to share this note he left on my pillow. I hope you can keep it between us. And by us I guess that means me and the entire Internet.

How did I get so lucky???

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Day One

Taking a break from puppies and rainbows (and even adorable pictures of Emerson) today, because I'm sad and I need to get it out.

We found out last night that Jon is being sent to New York for 28 days to assist with recovery efforts after Hurricane Sandy. He works in insurance for large loss/catastrophe, but he normally works from home and when he does travel, it's always within our region and he's always home before I even get off work. But the devastation is great, and the company is asking for all hands on deck. So off he goes.

28 days.

I realize my problems are minimal compared to others. Military families do this all the time. In much worse conditions. For much longer. But since we've been married, I've never been away from Jon more than 3 nights. Though I think it's important to have "you" time and have your own interests and do your own thing, I genuinely enjoy being around him. All the time. He's like my bud, and seeing his face when I come home every night is the most comforting thing I can imagine.

And the worst part is knowing how bad he feels about missing Emerson. He'll be gone for Thanksgiving. He'll probably miss seeing her walk for the first time. And he'll miss kissing her goodnight every night. It would kill me if I were in his shoes, and I know it's destroying him too.

Again, I realize when I compare our situation to others, it's no big deal. But at this moment, right now, I'm sad. I know it's for a good reason, and I know he'll be back soon, but the idea of going home to an empty house for the next 27 nights and having Emerson wonder where "Dada" is.... just breaks my heart.

So I'm going to throw a huge pity party today, and then starting tomorrow I am going to be positive, as well as be grateful for the following things:

1. My amazing support system
2. That we purchased iPhones and can FaceTime every single day
3. That it's 28 days and not 365 days
4. That although he'll miss Thanksgiving, he'll be home for more important events coming up

That's all for now.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!

Did everyone "fall back" yesterday?? For as long as I can remember, I have NEVER taken advantage of that extra hour. I am just not a good sleeper-inner (not a word). But we successfully transitioned Emerson to the time change, so I consider that a win.

This weekend was lovely. To summarize its greatness, you need to know 3 things:

1) I finally got the "mom" cut. 

Yep, I chopped off all my hair. Not because Emerson tugs at it, but just because I was feeling brave, and all of a sudden shoulder-length hair felt stifling. I love it. Jon says I look modern and sassy. I just love that I only have to use half the shampoo I normally do.

2) I got the deal of the century.

For weeks now, I have been lusting after my friend Karleigh's Michael Kors watch. It's a rosegold watch, and while I don't love gold, rose gold just spoke to me. I had to have it. And then I looked it up online, and it was $275. Hmmm. No dice.

So you can imagine my delight when I stumbled upon this gorgeous little knockoff at the best store on the planet, and hooray! $15 and I am almost as cool as Karleigh. Almost.

3) I have physical proof that my daughter is the greatest gift of all time.

For her Christmas gift, Grandma got Emerson a photo shoot with a photographer she loves, so that we could have Christmas pictures of her this year to send out. It was such a sweet gesture, and I am SO SO SO SO happy that we did it. Emerson was the perfect angel during the shoot, and Jenn our photographer was a pro and so gifted at working with babies. Here is a sneak peek from yesterday's proof. I feel like I need to call Pottery Barn Kids and tell them I've found their next star. I dare you to disagree.

Can't. Handle. The. Cuteness.
I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures!!

Have a great day everybody!

Friday, November 2, 2012

That's Funny Friday

TIME FOR THAT'S FUNNY FRIDAY PEOPLE!!! Here's what's making me laugh this morning :)

Girl's gotta have her butter....

Inappropriately funny...

Admit it...

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

I love puns
Source: via Emily on Pinterest

You know it's true...
Source: via Kacie on Pinterest

You don't even have a choice...

Oh boy...
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Best chair EVER!!!!

And now it is in your head...
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