Wednesday, November 14, 2012



I am so touched by all of the comments, Facebook messages, texts, and emails regarding our big news yesterday. I truly have the greatest family, friends, and blog friends a girl could ask for.

I also got quite a few questions, so let me try and answer some of them.

Yes, we are indeed pregnant :)

My official due date is May 12, 2013. Three days from our anniversary, and 2 days from my birthday. You see, in our family we like to cram as many life-changing events as possible into the same week. Hence why Emerson was due on Christmas and 3 days after Jon's birthday. But she was 2 weeks early... maybe her sibling will be too???

They will be 17 months apart. People either have one of two reactions to this: One is "Wow, that's so great, they'll be close in age!" or the other "Wow, good luck with that!"

Listen here. Am I terrified of having two under 2?? Absolutely. Do I have any doubt that Jon and I can handle it? Not one. When you've been through what we've been through, things that are a big deal for some are no sweat for us. And as I've learned with Emerson, every "phase" is over so quickly. I know I'll get zero sleep for awhile, and it will be hard at times, but no one signs up for parenting thinking it's going to be a piece of cake. And I will gladly take two babies in diapers if it means that those babies are healthy, happy and in my arms.

"Was this planned?" Ugh. If I had a dollar for every time I was asked THAT awkward question, I'd have... alot of dollars. Please, do me a favor and never ask someone that. If they are telling you they are pregnant, clearly they are having a baby, and therefore whether it was "planned" or not, that baby is on the way, and the only thing you should say is "Congratulations!" Trust me.

"How are you feeling??" Well, frankly, for the past 12 weeks I've felt like garbage sauce. HAHA. So very tired and just nauseous basically 24 hours a day. I am finally starting to feel normal again (REJOICE!) and though the nausea did kick my butt this time, it actually went by pretty fast. Let me just say that I have subsisted entirely on Asiago bagels, meatball subs, and spaghetti (not even whole grain spaghetti-gasp!). When this baby is born addicted to carbs, I will have no one to blame but myself.

But anyway, a few months ago I wrote this post about wanting baby #2. We knew we wanted more children, we just didn't know when the "right time" would be. Luckily, that decision was made for us. A month later, I peed on a stick, and here we are! :)

There was no worrying about getting pregnant. No timing, no test taking, no planned "married people time." I know that trying to get pregnant is very consuming and stressful for many couples (we've been there) and I am very grateful we didn't have to worry about it this time. It happened because it was supposed to happen.

The timing couldn't be better. I'll have the baby after school gets out, but I'll be back before the students get back. So the only time off work I'm missing is our slowest time of year. And I'll have the whole summer off with my two precious babies.

So far, all looks healthy and perfect with this little one. PLEASE GOD take care of this little one for the next 25 weeks.

The anxiety this time around has been much better than it was with Emerson. But I still have my panic moments, and my sleepless nights. I probably won't relax until I pass the 21 week milestone, and even then, let's be honest, until he/she is in my arms.

But this baby, just like Emerson, deserves as much love, attention, and positive energy as I can give. I am treating this pregnancy like it will be my last. You just never know. So instead of freaking out all the time, I want to enjoy every moment, just like I did with Jack and Emerson.

Thanks again for all the well wishes - here we go!!!!


  1. I am just so so happy for you and your family!!! And I 100% agree-never ever ask if someone was trying! UGHHH a million times people have asked me that. I get it, my babies will be super close in age (12mo) but it is not an appropriate question! Glad you're starting to feel better. It is much tougher to go through pregnancy while running around taking care of a baby- but that also makes it go by SO much faster. Enjoy every little second, even the crazy times :) Congratulations a million times!!

  2. I am so happy for you. AND I think the best things in life sometimes is the "unplanned".

    Lets see our children our 1 year 1 week apart. The best decision the big man upstairs made for us. Is it hard somethimes OMG shit ballz it is, BUT they are the bestest friends, they always have someone to play with and fight with, you get out of the stroller, diapers, bottles pretty quickly together and bc you havent been out of the stages that long with the first one you don't have to worry about forgetting :)!

    Can't wait to see you on this journey!!

  3. You're such an awesome mom! I am so so so so happy for you! and omg who's asking if it was planned? Yikes, that's super rude and creepy. I hope you answered them with a big "NONEYA!" lol.

  4. My babies will be about 17 months apart too (once this overdue bun in my oven makes her appearance) and I've heard all of the SAME things! I think it is so funny when people (most of them actually) say "Oh you'll be busy!" or something like that. If only they knew how many times we've heard that... but intentions are good so I try not to be annoyed.

    Congratulations! Do you think you'll find out what you are having? We're having another girl so I'm sure there will be those years of bickering ahead... again...always just a season!

  5. You go girl!! It's no ones business whether babies are planned or not. Really, you care that much about my private sex life you feel you have to ask that question?!

    Emerson is going to be an awesome big sister and it'll be great that they're so close in age!! You're going to rock it xo

  6. I am so happy for you and having them 17 months apart will be great! Mine are 22 months apart and they are so close. It is great.

  7. Congrats girl! I could not be happier for you and your growing family. I skipped out on blogging yesterday and I missed so much. Congrats!!!!

  8. Congrats to you! Mallory @ From California to Kansas sent me a message letting me know your due in May. My due date is May 15th :) looking forward to sharing this journey!

  9. I can't believe people ask some of those questions!!! My brother and I were 13 months apart, and it was the best thing ever!

  10. Found you over at Holly's blog! Congratulations!! :D May 12th is actually my birthday so if your little one is born that day, they're sure to be super super awesome ;)