Friday, November 30, 2012


I have never gotten into the whole "leggings" craze.

Not because I didn't want to. I think people who wear them look adorable. I always see girls wearing leggings and I think "Man, what a great look!" but have never taken the plunge. I suspected that leggings would be a trend that was a flash in the pan, and would go away by the time I purchased them, so I held off.

But in my quest to avoid frumpy maternity clothes, I finally resigned myself to purchase some maternity leggings on a whim (aka Black Friday at Old Navy). I mean, they were $10 - if I hated them, who cares??? I could wear them as PJs or something.

So I put them on this morning.


Maternity leggings (henceforth known as "meggings") are the greatest invention of all time. With my sweater, long-sleeved shirt, and comfy boots, I feel like I'm wearing pajamas to work. I am so comfortable that I might cry. No seriously, they are THAT good. 

Yesterday I was feeling grumpy because the button on my regular pants was digging into me. Today I feel like I could do yoga, then go straight to bed.

Yes, they are THAT good. I assure you. All my pregnant friends, you must invest. Right now.

See? Look how comfortable I am. 

Oh, and don't think I missed the irony of the Tampax machine photobomb.


  1. Aren't they amazing?! Target has a great set of them (not Liz Lange but the other brand they have-the belly band people anyway!)I still wear them because they are so comfy!! You look SO cute ps!!

    1. Aww, thank you!!! And thanks for the heads up on the Target ones - our maternity section is tiny, but I will keep my eyes peeled! :) I need them in all colors now!

  2. LOVE leggings. In fact some days when I wear them I do wear them to bed too (ok that's a lie...I do it everytime!)

  3. Target also has some amazing fleece lined leggings. They're not maternity, but they do have a lower waistband, so that may work for you. I mean really, why are super cute, cable knit, fleece lined leggings not a necessity for every cold weather area?!?

  4. Hilarious. I began wearing them when I was pregnant and never looked back. If I could replace every pair of pants I have with them, I would. Not sure how appropriate that is, but I say if your butt is covered, you are good. The next best thing is baby leggings. Beggings, if you will.

  5. AHHH you look so cute!!!!!! Sorry I am leaving you a million comments. I am catching up on blogs today.

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