Friday, November 9, 2012

Love notes

Thank you all for your emails and messages - I know the next month will be hard, but having the  support and love of my family and friends keeps things in perspective for me.

When I got home to our empty house for the first time, it felt eerily the same... except for the fact I quickly realized that I'd have to take out the trash by myself for the next month (THE HORROR!!!) and I'd need a step-stool to get things out of the top cabinets.

But what made me smile the most was the little gesture that Jon thought to leave for us. He strategically placed little notes all around the house for me and Emerson to find. In the dishwasher, in the medicine cabinet, in Emerson's crib, etc.

And even though he would be mortified to know that I showed someone, I just have to share this note he left on my pillow. I hope you can keep it between us. And by us I guess that means me and the entire Internet.

How did I get so lucky???


  1. OMG that is just to sweet and AMAZING. This blog world will be with you through this month!


    Hey girlie did you head over yet and enter my giveaway???

  2. Awww gushing sweetness! So cute. And I know what you mean about the trash. SO SO GLAD to have a male roommate again -- he doesn't mind it!

  3. so so so so so sweet. you have a keeper and you're one day closer to having him home!

  4. This just brought tears to my eyes.
    Soooo adorable!

  5. Awe that is so sweet! I read a book where the guy leaving did that and I never knew it happened to real people. Lucky lady!

  6. This is adorable! Hope the month flies by for all of you guys!