Tuesday, November 20, 2012

All I Want...

... is to eat my weight in mashed potatoes on Thursday

... is to be wearing sweatpants right now. I'm afraid I'm one Thanksgiving dinner away from breaking out the maternity pants. And I have no business wearing them yet.

... is to be home snuggling with my baby girl

... is to be home snuggling with my baby girl AND my husband. Sigh.

... is to stop craving carbs and salt. It's becoming a problem. 

... is to get over the fact that sweet Marley from Glee made a cameo as a topless prostitute in my new favorite show, Homeland. And now she's ruined for me.

... is for someone to come clean and organize my house from top to bottom. For free. I'm accepting applications.

... is for this little baby to keep fluttering around in there. Tiny baby movements are the best!

... is for John Mayer to stop being such a mega douche so I can stop being embarrassed that I love his music.

... is to buy a Crock Pot... and then not be afraid to use it. (I can't get over the idea that people leave that thing on ALL DAY. What if my house catches on fire?!?! But every delicious recipe on Pinterest is Crock Potty. Ugh. I digress.)

...  is for this Toad the Wet Sprocket song to be out of my head.

(Just kidding, I love Toad. And 90s music videos were so awesomely bad.)


  1. OMG I hate that I love John Mayer. His music is amazing but his...being...sucks! And you should totally bust out those maternity pants for t-gives! I will be sporting leggings!

  2. I have been using my crockpot for at least two years and it still stresses me out leaving it on all day!
    Last week, I was POSITIVE the dog would somehow jump up and knock it off the counter??? She can barely even put her paws on the counter, but I was CONVINCED all day at work that I'd come home to a crock pot burned dog.
    On the bright side ;) I've never had a single problem with mine, nor have I actually heard of anyone ever having an issue with theirs catching on fire or anything.
    And they do make dinner so convenient!

  3. Tiny baby movements are the best....as well as sweatpants or leggings.

  4. Crock pot - oh honey DO IT! Once you cook this way it is hard to slave over a stove/oven for hours :)

  5. I hear you about busting out those maternity pants. When I was pregnant with Oren we wanted to wait until the second trimester to tell everyone I was pregnant like we did with Wes... HA! By 8 weeks my stomache was visibly out there and I was already wearing the belly band over my regular pants. It was crazy. So yeah, that's normal. Go for it.

  6. Omg I love Homeland and I was WAY thrown off when I saw Marley on there. I guess the girls gotta make a living right? Annnnd how do you NOT have a crock-pot?!?! You definitely need one - with all the pinterest ideas, and then of course the fact that it's like the best thing ever for some hassle free dinners - I am sure it will be very helpful when you have 2 little ones on your hand...WOOO WHOO!!!

  7. The crock pot is a game changer! Do it. You won't regret it and your house will be good girl.