Friday, November 16, 2012

The Friday Five

Borrowing Christina's genius Friday Five idea again today! :)

1. What I'm Reading

Insurgent, Book 2 in the Divergent Trilogy. My BFF bought the book, read it, and then held me at gunpoint until I ordered it myself.  I was 34 on the waiting list at the library for the Kindle version, but noooooo, I had to read it NOW she said. So I paid $7.98 to have it auto-delivered to my Kindle. Three days later, I get an email from the library saying the book is mine.  And yes, Jess, I am absolutely throwing you under the bus for all of the Internet to see. That's what besties do. You're welcome :)

2. What I'm Eating

The beeb in my belly has been craving salt all week, so I scraped up the last of my change with the intention of buying Fritos from the vending machine. Yes, I am the epitome of health. But alas, no Fritos to be found. So I settled on Pop Chips because I had heard (also from Christina's blog) that they were good. Lo and behold - that ish was amazing!! The perfect amount of salt and crunch, and only 100 calories. Win!

3. What I'm Listening To

Reminds me of my hubs. 20 more days. 20 more days.

4. What I'm Laughing At

Let me play you the song of my people

I dare you not to think this is hilarious

5. What I'm Loving

My daughter and her BEAUTIFUL holiday photos! Here are a few of my favorites :)


  1. I LOVED Divergent & Insurgent! I cannot wait for the next one!

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  3. What's the Divergent trilogy about? I LOVE finding new stuff for the old Kindle! And not gonna lie, that squirrel has weird, creepy, humanesque fingers...

    P.S. Emerson = cutest thing on two feet!

    1. Divergent is like The Hunger Games meets GI Jane. Best way I can think to describe it. Post-apocalyptic world, ya know, all that jazz. You would love.

  4. I was nodding my head at this whole post. I haven't gotten into that series, but a lot of people have told me I'd like it. Love popchips, love that song, and LOVE THOSE PICS!

  5. New to your blog! Love finding other Ohioians :) Love the Divergent series...although the 2nd book made me so mad. Loved to hear your thoughts once you finish the book.