Wednesday, November 28, 2012

So What! Wednesday

I refuse to wear maternity pants. Just not ready. I feel like Renee Zellweger pre and post Bridget Jones. All of my weight gain/loss over the last 3 years due to pregnancy has to be doing a number on my innards. But at least I never looked like a creepy skeletor. 

I've eaten spaghetti for dinner almost every night that Jon has been gone. It's cheap, delicious, and easy. And carbs are this baby's friend. Mmmm, now I want some.

I can't stop looking at houses online. Even though it's torture. Even though I know none of those houses will be available by the time we're ready to buy in March. It's an obsession. There's a app too that fuels the fire. It beckons me daily.

Jon and I cannot agree on baby names. Jack and Emerson were our names, and they're both taken. So whether this nugget is a boy or girl, I feel like it will be impossible to pick the perfect name because we've already used them. Ya know? One thing I know for sure is that we will NOT be naming this baby Hashtag. #fileforparentalemancipationnowkid

I order absolutely everything on Amazon these days. I have Amazon Prime, which has free two-day shipping. Which means I don't have to force Emerson to shop with me when it's freezing outside. I ordered trash bags the other day, people. Trash bags.

Emerson will be getting a two-tiered birthday cake, that when all is said and done may cost more than our wedding cake. Judge away.

Speaking of, I am putting more thought and attention to detail into Emerson's first birthday party than my own wedding. But there's no wedding coordinator for baby birthday parties. Actually, I'm sure there is, but Pinterest is guiding my way, sans coordinator fees.

I still want some spaghetti


  1. Renee Zellweger gives me the creepies! And I'm absolutely with you on new house envy, and we haven't even started talking about looking for a new one, since we have, you know, a wedding to get through next year :-)

  2. I found your blog via 'So what Wednesdays.' It's so cute! I'm with you on the Amazon Prime thing. I think I am going to try and buy every Christmas present on there from here on out!
    Jess @jmnway

  3. I almost ordered Mason jars from amazon yesterday. ANd then I realized they have them at Wal-Mart. But I'm still thinking I'll go with Amazon. Even if they are more expensive, it's worth it not to go to the hell that is WM.

    Mmmm, spaghetti.

  4. I love you! I have a 30 days Amazon trial and it is simply amazing! I too am doing the same house thing. We can't buy until March as well and yet I have been looking at houses for months!!! Can't wait to see E's birthday photos. When does she turn 1?

  5. Love me some Amazon! And Spaghetti. And house hunting on We also agree that Hashtag is just plain ridiculous! No judging here on first birthday jazz...I went ALL out. And loved every minute of it. Can't wait to see pics!