Monday, October 1, 2012

Remember me???

I used to have lots of things to share. I used to blog on the regular.

But life has been hectic lately.

 Here's a brief synopsis: Jon and I decided now would be the perfect time to sell our house, so we could be in a new one by Christmas. Great idea! We killed ourselves to clean, organize, stage, buy new appliances, light fixtures, paint, etc....

Then we got real and realized, "WTF are we doing?!?" Who is going to buy a house in October? More importantly, who will pay our asking price in October? And then another terrifying thought.... what kind of crap houses will be left for us to buy in November?

So that pipe dream went back out the window, and we're all systems go for selling in March.

Meanwhile, I am nursing every sore ache in every muscle in my body from all of the cleaning, walking up and down stairs, hoisting a baby, moving furniture, and the like.

Phew. I'm exhausted just looking at all that.

In case you were wondering, yes... Emerson is still adorable. Here she is eating Chipotle for the first time yesterday - HUGE FAN!

I am a terrible mother, and have yet to take her 9 month pictures. Gotta do that tonight, considering she'll be 10 months in 13 days. Oops. My monthly updates are losing their timely accuracy.

On another note, does anyone else out there L.O.V.E. the show 'Revenge'? Last night was the premiere, and I feel like I didn't breathe for the entire 60 minutes. And man, Emily Thorne rocked this red dress. She may be my new workout inspiration.

That's all for now... happy Monday!!


  1. ooh i've been there before girl. the good news is that with your house all ready to sell then not selling it, it sort of feels like a your house is a new house. ok not really but kinda :)

  2. Hold the phone...Revenge came on last night!? For some reason I thought the premiere was this week and I had no clue it switched nights! This is good for me since it will fill my Sunday night Desperate Housewives void :) I have to watch as soon as I get home! Thank you Lord for On Demand!

    Emerson is a doll!