Friday, October 12, 2012

That's Funny Friday


It's back!!!!!!

My daughter is hysterical. I swear she is going to take after her dad and be funny. 

Notice how I didn't say "take after her mom and be funny" because I know full well I am not funny. Despite my desperate attempts to try and be funny. (a la Claire Dunphy on this week's Modern Family and her "Post Post Office Traumatic Stress" zinger)

I like to try and make her laugh. Usually she laughs at me when I'm not trying. Like when a song came on the TV and I started headbanging to it. And she went NUTS. Like, laughed so hard she could barely breathe. 

So I kept doing it. And she kept laughing. And Jon's watching it all go down, and now he's laughing so hard he is crying. And then I think "Why aren't we recording this?" So he did. And what you are about to see is the tail end of this glorious event, in which all of a sudden Emerson realizes that it's not funny anymore. But I SWEAR she thought it was funny for the 10 minutes before the camera started.

I love her.

And here are some funny things I found on Pinterest to give you the Friday giggles:

Oh Tina...

Speaking of pizza...
Source: via Maritza on Pinterest


Jake likes sandwich

You are my friend if you think this is AMAZING
Source: via Jackie on Pinterest

Well played, sir.
Source: via Kendra on Pinterest

Pretty much...
Source: via Alex on Pinterest



  1. That wifi name is hilarious!! haha Happy weekend!

  2. I want that JT pic on my planner. I might have to sneak it onto my coworker's planner. She'd die.

  3. Those last three pictures are great!