Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Here is the Halloween costume we bought Emerson.

She wore it for 5 minutes last night, and I managed to get about 5 decent pictures. At $35 for the getup, this means each picture is literally worth $7. So take a minute and savor each one. (I know I am).

It's just too cold to take her out tonight, so I felt like I needed proof to show her that we DID attempt Halloween during her first year at life. We just failed miserably at it. Or Mother Nature did. Either way.
Why would you size a costume as 6-9 months and then make the hat big enough for a toddler?

She's always clapping! :)

(Mom, doesn't she look SO much like me in this picture? I never think she looks like me, but in this picture I swear she could be my baby twin!!!!)
And now she's distracted by SportsCenter

Trick or Treat baby girl!!!!


  1. Such cute pictures. Well worth $7 a pop.

  2. Yes!! That is your baby face. Definitely you had some influence there. She is going to be so brilliant, as she has Yours and Jon's looks and brains. She does look like you and Jon. I wonder why ???????

  3. She is adorable! Good idea to keep her in. We went for about 20 minutes and that was it. I love baby bumblebees:)