Friday, March 23, 2012

That's Funny Friday

By the end of the week, many of us are drained emotionally, physically, and mentally. So I thought why not come up with a way to celebrate the last week day and get some good chuckles to start the weekend off right! To do this, I'm officially instituting what I call "That's Funny Friday."
Feel free to join me if you dare. But keep some Depends on hand, because I'm about to drop some funny shiz.

Here's what's making me laugh today:

I'm obsessed with Pinterest. FACT. And now because of Pinterest I'm obsessed with funny memes. Seriously, some of these make me laugh so hard I cry. Here are some of my favorites:

It all started with this one:

(I probably didn't pee my pants while eating at a Red Lobster and showing Jon this picture, knowing we had a baby girl on the way. Yeah. Probably.)

And then I discovered Condescending Wonka. My life will never be the same.

And then there's this horrible woman...

Baby memes are the best!

And the classic ecards

Hope you're having a Funny Friday too!


  1. Girl, you had me cracking up!!! Love this...I just might have to join in.

    1. Go for it! I know, i keep coming back to my own post just to have another laugh :)