Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 4 of Jury Duty

Here's why it's no longer enjoyable:

1) They are showing the movie "Wild Hogs" in the room that I can't leave. It's torture. Worst movie ever. 5 minutes in and I already find it racist and offensive. I also find the people around me laughing at it offensive for laughing at such a stupid movie.

2) I have only been through one round of jury selection but never got called. So 24 hours of waiting and no case to speak of

3) I am tired of carrying 4 bags across downtown Columbus because I need my purse, my laptop bag, my pump, my cooler, plus my mug, my water bottle, and my sanity.

4) I put too much half and half in my coffee and it takes disgusting and cold. Sad face :(

5) I am listening to the Hunger Games on CD in my car, and I just need to know SO BADLY if Katniss makes it. And poor little Rue... she's a goner isn't she?

6) Though the shower stall has been replaced with a storage room, I feel like a dirty stranger every time I ask for the key so I can go pump in the dark room with all the files.

I'm gonna go peruse the internet for something funny for tomorrow's It's Funny Friday. Also so I don't lose it.


  1. ahhh I am so sorry. That is not fun to have to lug everything around with no way of knowing when it will stop! Good luck. And you will LOVE Hungry Games

  2. I just can't wait to get back to my car, for many reasons! ;-)