Friday, March 30, 2012

That's Funny Friday

Happy Friday everyone! I got excused from jury duty yesterday, and it's not funny... it's awesome!

Here's what's making me laugh today:

* Jon calls me on his way home from picking up Emerson yesterday. He says "Are you there?" and I say "Yes" and he says "Oh good. I'm on the way home and I'm coming in hot" which, when asked for clarification became "Get ready, I've got a screaming baby in the backseat and she is starving." I'm still laughing at this because who else talks like this except my husband??

* I just downloaded the game, 'Draw Something' and am now obsessed. If you have a smartphone, download this game! (And then email me so we can be friends and play). Anyway, every single time I, well, draw something, I laugh so hard because it's so ridiculous. I had to share some of the funny drawings I've seen the last few days online.

It's a simple game, and it is hours of entertainment.

And of course, what would "That's Funny Friday" be without a few internet memes??

P.S. I finally finished Book 1..... I AM DYING to read the other two now. I just have to know what happens. (Spoiler alert: No hippos are harmed in the making of the Hunger Games)


I'm loving these animal memes right now:

Animal crackers are still animals...

And finally, my favorite ecards:

I want to use this so badly:

What's making you LOL today??


  1. Your Friday posts are always make me laugh! I'm on DrawSomething too!!! name: Johnnys June. We.Must.Play.

  2. LOVE drawsomething :) Love the "hot" hehe