Friday, March 2, 2012

It's Friday, and it figures

So of course the day after I make a post about how little my munchkin is sleeping at night, is then proceeded by a night when she sleeps from 8PM to 7AM. No joke. Babies are tricksters I tell ya.

I kept waking up and checking on her, just to make sure she was still breathing. I mean, after 3 weeks of her waking up so much, I was shocked to know she was capable of sleeping that long uninterrupted.

But now I know you can do it baby girl.... so I will you to keep this up. And then mommy will buy you that pony. Or toy. Or ceiling fan. Or whatever else you're really interested in at the time you come to collect.

We've got a fun weekend coming up! To celebrate my sister marrying the new guy, we're hosting a bridal shower for her at our house. It's wine themed, and let me tell you, I looked like mother-of-the year when we took Em to buy over $100 worth of wine for the tasting the other night. The cashier at World Market judged the sh** out of me, that was clear. Bahahaha!

To help you celebrate your weekend, I will leave you with more pictures of my daughter. Because I can. And she's awesome. And I have so much energy due to prolonged sleeping that I just want to do cartwheels. Yipppppeeeeeee! Ok, that's all.

My life is hilarious!
Who needs blush when you have cheeks like these?


  1. look at that smile! she is absolutely precious.

  2. She is just adorable! It's so funny how our babies trick us. Around here, we joke that Meyer can hear us through the monitor! Crazy kids:)