Tuesday, February 15, 2011

30DBC: Day 23

Day 23: Favorite Vacation

This is impossible - I LOVE LOVE LOVE vacation! Wherever I go, I always have a good time. Going somewhere new, eating different foods, and hanging out in a relaxed atmosphere with friends and family = heaven. If you absolutely force me to answer, here are some notable favorites.

In chronological order we have...

1. Myrtle Beach, circa 2002 with Nikki and JMP. It was legendary. Our first trip on our own, no parents, rules, or bedtimes. We had a blast, even after my car got broken into and all of our CDs were stolen. Sweet.

2. Viva La Europe, 2003. See previous post on a place I've traveled to. I miss gelato.

3. Disney World, Summer 2005. 4 of us girls piled into a car, driving overnight to the Happiest Place on Earth. Many, many inside jokes from that week. And a free dinner from a creepy guy named Uncle Fred.

4. Bahamas, Spring Break 2006. Every single thing about this trip was incredible. Including the awesomeness of the King of the Bahamas... this guy:

Sorry B, I had to do it!
5. Jupiter, FL 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2010. A yearly tradition within our family. These vacations allowed me to become so close to my husband's family, and we always have an incredible time together. We loved the area so much that it played a huge factor in our decision to get married in Florida. Just picturing that beach makes me happy :)

6. Key West, FL 2009, otherwise known as "The Honeymoon." Even though we weren't there for very long, I would probably have to say this vacation spot was my favorite, because come on, when you're in love, what place could be better than your honeymoon spot? We could have gone to Chuck 'e' Cheese and I would swear it was incredible.


  1. I wouldn't expect any other trip to reign at #1.

    Speaking of those CDs, do you remember that we were going to try to make an insurance claim, and we were making up albums to put on it such as "Hanson" and all kinds of other off-the-wall crap we never actually owned? Classic.

  2. Yes,I do recall that we made an Excel spreadsheet and included the smash hit CD "Oh Aaron!" by Aaron Carter on it. We are sweet.