Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tooting my own horn

Anyone who's been reading this blog for a while knows I've been trying to lose the baby weight.

While it is important for me to get healthy and feel good about myself, my main motivation for wanting to lose the baby weight fast was because my sister-in-law, Lindsay, is getting married this weekend! Me, Jon and Emerson are in the wedding, and I didn't want to be the ugly fat girl in our family photos.

To help track my goals, I started taking my measurements and counting my calories in My Fitness Pal. I worked out when I wasn't completely exhausted I could, and tried to keep my splurging under control (though this was the hardest part).

So here's where the horn tooting comes in: I've lost 50 lbs in the past 5 months. Yay!!!!! Considering I only gained 40 lbs during the pregnancy, I am pretty happy with this. Toot toot toot.

But as most fitness experts will tell you, weight is only one factor. When you calculate my loss in measurements, since January 4th (the first day I took them, 3 weeks after Emerson was born), you can see a big change there too... no wonder my clothes fit better now!

Pounds lost since 1/4/12:

Inches lost:
Hips: 2.5
Bust: 2.5
Waist: 4!!!! Yay!! It's still wider than it's ever been, but um, I gave birth, so give me a break.
Thighs: 1.5
Butt: 2.5

And since I've already made you roll your eyes at least twice since starting this post, I might as well add this in... I am wearing an outfit today I haven't worn in TWO YEARS. Not since I found out I was pregnant with Jack and immediately began bloating.

I still have a good 10-15 lbs to go, but I am happy that I've made it this far. I don't feel like I've worked as hard I could to get back in shape, but that is my next goal. Now that the bulk of the weight has been lost, I want to focus on toning and eating healthier. I don't want to be one of those moms who just "gives up." I don't mean this in a negative way, but I don't think I'd be setting a good example for Emerson if I continue eating like I did when I was pregnant and never exercise. I have accepted that my body will never look the same way it did 10 years ago, but I don't want to stop trying to be healthier when I know that I can be. I want to be the best version of "this" me, the "mom" me that I can be. Does that make sense?

The other thing I think I need to work on??? Accepting compliments without a qualifier. Why do we do this ladies??? Someone gives us a compliment and we immediately downplay it. When people tell me that I "look great" or "congrats on losing all the baby wight" instead of just saying thank you, I always follow up with "Well, I have a long way to go." I needed to start accepting that, in 5 months, I HAVE come a long way already. Sure there's more I can do, and I'm definitely not 100% secure with my post-baby body, but I am happy with the result so far. So for one day only, I am tooting my own horn. Tomorrow I can go back to working hard.

Frankly, I'm just glad I fit into my bridesmaids dress. Don't tell Lindsay, but it didn't fit back in February - score!


  1. eeekkkkk way to go mama! you look amazing! you rock the BM dress!

  2. 50?! ummm, yes you can toot your own horn! that's awesome Audra!

  3. 50lbs! That is AWESOME!!!! Congrats and amazing job :) I would definitely say that deserves some horn tooting and a good bottle of champagne :)

  4. You look great! Losing 50lbs is a huge accomplishment, and you deserve to toot your own horn today!

  5. Congrats! I`m so lazy with losing my 2 kgs.. let alone that much :) xx

  6. Wow! I gained 40 too, and definitely did not lose it (plus 10 more) in 5 months. Might have to check out the fitness pal. Any snack ideas? And how did you get out of the house to exercise? That was the hardest (still is!) for me.

    Thanks for the comment about Key West--I think that's where I'd like to go first!

    Didn't you write about the Fisher Price Seahorse? I think you did. I am cracking up at mine right now because when it runs out of batteries, it is the saddest sounding toy you've ever heard. Baby is still trying to dance to it, though!

  7. That is awesome! You look great!

  8. You are one hot momma! Congrats on losing that baby weight! I know how hard you've been working and wanting to lose it. Shawn even noticed in the pics from Lindsay's wedding this weekend! I told him you looked like a bombshell! Your face was so thin! YAY, you! You look amazeballs! Keep it up! xoxo

  9. Get it girl!!!! You look great!!! What's your name on MFP?? I use it too!! I'm down about 16 lbs. I have like 1.5-2 lbs left. And I'm hoping that I can get that off by this Friday for my weigh in! Congrats on yours!