Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Audra's Version of Property Brothers - Part 1

Let's do some math!!!

What do you get when you combine:

A lifechanging, major purchase


Pregnancy Insomnia


A person who watches WAY too much HGTV


A pregnant woman who has come up with a comprehensive design scheme for a house that she doesn't even own full and clear yet.

Ok, so let's just say that, hypothetically, we bought this house: 

Well, non-hypothetically, I have spent hours upon hours coming up with a design scheme for this hypothetical house that has beautiful bones but an outdated color palette.

This is where Jonathan and Drew come in. No, I'm not having an affair. J & D are the hosts of Property Brothers on HGTV, and they have been my inspiration for our hypothetical new home design. 

If you haven't seen the show (seriously, what's wrong with you), the premise is that a couple is looking for a home that is contemporary and move-in ready, but they don't have the budget to accomplish both of those goals. So Drew finds them a house with potential, and Jonathan helps them renovate, re-imagine, and resign their fixer-upper into their dream home. He shows them his design plan, but also leaves it open to change.

Our hypothetical house is definitely NOT a fixer-upper (trust, I've been there) but it's just... beige. Boring. And we're not boring people. (At least I don't think so?)

So in all of my insomnia, I have re-imagined and re-designed every square inch of our beautiful new hypothetical home. Now it's just up to MY Jonathan (my actual husband) to renovate it. I probably shouldn't be installing carpet and painting at 9 months pregnant, hmmm?

So I thought I'd share some of my design ideas because they are burning a hole through my laptop and Pinterest boards.

And here we go:

Hypothetical entry way as it looks today:

Design Ideas:

The main color of the house will be Revere Pewter gray, and we plan to paint all of the wood trim white. We're also replacing all of the carpet, because it's beige with dark brown and black flecks and reminds me of vomit.

Formal Living Room Today:

Design Ideas:

As of today (and I have every right to change my mind because I'm a woman and I can and will), I'd like to do a dark gray accent wall, with white adjoining walls. Then I'd like to bring in pops of yellow as accents. I'm leaning toward either white or dark grey furniture in here (or both). Not pictured: A gorgeous built-in bookshelf that is to the left of where the picture was taken. May either paint that white or black.

Instead of a TV, I'd like to do a black and white photo wall as the focal point in the room. Probably with pictures of my sweet girls as the main subject of interest :)

I think these curtains from Z Gallerie are PERFECT for a room with a dark gray accent wall and white walls. They let in a good amount of light, but it brings the gray over to the other wall.

Dining Room Today:

 Design Ideas:

The theme I'm thinking for this room is Sage, Beige and Black. I want a gray/green since again the main color of the home is gray, so the colors have to coordinate. Right now I'm leaning toward a color called October Mist.

This room is the closest to my vision, but I think we'll paint under the chair rail white because there's only the one small window in this room and I don't want it to feel too dark.

So what do we think of my hypothetical stabs at home design??? Would Jonathan and Drew be proud or ashamed???


  1. Oh my gosh I cannot wait to see what you guys do to this house!!

  2. Ohhh I like the house!! As frustrating as moving is you are going to have some serious fun re-decorating, I'm kind of jealous!

  3. I absolutely love allllll your design ideas!

  4. We used revere pewter to repaint our whole main area and I love it. It took some getting used kept looking purplish to me at night. But I am so happy with the choice- there are pics on my blog under "home" I think:) I loved pairing it with black and white and accenting with yellow and aqua.

    Your new house looks awesome! Great ideas!

  5. I can't wait to see what you do with it! I love the pictures!! Btw... revere pewter is an awesome color! We used it too and I LOVE it!!

  6. This is so exciting, I need more pictures!!!

  7. I agree. Your home interior will look great in grey. It's perfect if you want a homey and comfortable ambiance in your home. It is not hurtful to the eyes, so it would go well with any season, particularly during the summer. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

    John Lambert @ Cape Coral Lots