Monday, April 8, 2013

Emerson 15 Month Update

Let's talk about this girl.... 

Weight: ~20-21lbs. Skinny arms and legs with a big belly :)

Word Count: 65! She is actually starting to freak us out with how many words she knows. Obviously mommy's degree in Communication has been passed down a generation. She is SO good at communicating what she thinks/wants/needs, and is starting to pull more and more "sentences" together, i.e. "More. Milk. Please?" "Mommy. Bath. Quack quack. Water." It's like she takes stock of her surroundings and gives you all the words she knows that relate to it.

My favorite new words of hers are Computer (comes out as Poo-ter), Puppy (every single time she hears a puppy barking she screams "PUPPY!!), Car and Okay. (LOVE this one - "Emerson, want to come with mommy?" "Okaaaaay").

Hair: Well, the mullet is back. It's growing too fast now to do anything about it, though she'll need a bang trim here pretty soon.

Sleep: Sigh. I am going to miss these nights when we lay our baby down and she doesn't wake up for 12 hours. I know your baby sister will not let that happen for quite some time. The cutest thing ever is that she has now started requesting her naps. "Baby? Night-night. Happy" means "Go get my baby doll, I am ready for a nap please, once you sing my happy song that is."

Favorite Toy: Books. This is a girl after my own heart. I was SUCH a book nerd as a kiddo. When she goes into her bedroom, she immediately goes for her bookshelf and pulls down 3-4 books to "read" to herself. I took her to the play area of the library the other day, and she was bored of the toys after a few minutes, and then wandered around till she found books for us to read together :)

She also loves sweeping the floors. Please don't call CPS on me. She's not very good at it. 

That face. I die.
Favorite Foods:  Strawberries. Waffles. Blueberries. Peanut butter. Can't. get. enough. PB. "Mommy! Up! Butter!" is an after-nap chant I hear regularly.

Favorite New Action: She now reaches for our hands and guides us places. She loves exploring, and now that it's warm out, she just loves walking around the neighborhood. I think she'll like her new neighborhood even more ;-)

Big sister potential: Lucky for us (maybe unlucky for her?) your lovely babysitter has a new baby at home, so she is sort of laying the groundwork for us (thank you Skye!) with the idea of having a new baby sister in the house. It was confusing for Em at first, when she'd say "Up!" and Skye couldn't pick her up because she was holding the baby, but she is getting the hang of it and is proving just how adaptable and resilient she is. 

Let's throw in a new sister AND a new house in the same week and see how she handles it, hmmm? Pray for me.


  1. Have you gotten a house update? I hope I get to see this little cutie all the time!!!!