Monday, April 15, 2013

I ate three sundaes on a Sunday

What a wonderful weekend! I'm about to spew all kinds of happy things, hope you don't mind.

Here's why it was awesome:

1) This girl. Obviously. Easter Basket #2 + Bed Head = Love. 

2) Our new house passed it's inspection, meaning I'm 99% sure we're moving on May 8th! 

3) I found movers that only charge $60/hour and I am certain it will be the greatest investment in the history of investments.

4) Sunday's weather was phenomenal and made me remember why spring is the greatest season of the year (in Ohio at least)

5) I got to spend time with lots of amazing people

6) I had a $3 bar tab (after getting a beer spilled on me and unknowingly ordering a cayenne-spiced brownie, the waiter felt bad and only made me pay for my french fries)

7) I proved that you CAN be 36 weeks pregnant and still go out to the bar for your friends birthday, as long as they serve water and french fries.

8) I went to a "Scentsy" party that actually turned into a Baby Shower for our new princess. I am so touched and grateful and words can't express how much I love my friends. How people can be so thoughtful all the time is beyond me, but these gals prove the world isn't so bad. They also bought gifts for me and for Emerson, including this book that I tried reading to her last night and only got through 3 pages without crying. 

9) I ate three ice cream sundaes and that's just fine.  

10) I have the most wonderful friends and family EVER.

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