Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Emerson - 16 Month Update

 Weight: 20.5 lbs at her last doctor's appointment. 30th percentile. Still just a peanut

Height: 32 inches (I think?) I forget what the doc said, but I just know she's 35th percentile. I still don't know, however, what percentiles really mean.

Teeth: 12. Has both top and bottom molars and appears to be working on more teeth on top.

Favorite Hobbies: Going "Out," reading books, and coloring. She loves loves loves walking up and down the sidewalks, and just generally being outside. I swear she'd walk to France if we'd let her. And if she could swim.

 But when inside, she loves bringing me books and will plop down on my lap so I can read to her. Oh goodness how I love this. She calls all crayons and the act of coloring "color" and can even name one color, purple. That must be her favorite? Good thing, because that's her new nursery/bathroom color :)

Amateur Picasso??

Eating habits: Obsessed with peanut butter. No, obsessed doesn't even cover it. One of the first things she asks for in the morning. Still doesn't like meat, and will call some foods "icky" if she's not used to them. Someone tell me they get less picky with food after age 2, I can't believe she's not bored eating the same things over and over again. 

New Skill: Has become a pro at eating with a fork and spoon. Until she's done eating, and then everything ends up on the floor.

Showing off her "haircut" and mommy's scarf. Strike a pose, girl.
Word Count: 80! Continues to amaze me with how many words she knows. She's such a good communicator, and is really getting good at stringing words together into fragmented sentences. Her pediatrician said to expect that her baby sister will probably say very few words at her same age, because the oldest usually talks for the youngest. Uh oh. 

She also says "Please" every single time she makes a request, and it's so cute that I can never tell her no. "Mommy? Chip? Please?" = Sure Emerson, you can have the Dorito right out of Mommy's hand, just because you asked nicely. And yes, I have given my child Doritos on occasion. You can call me Mama June.

How much does her mommy love her?: Impossible to measure.

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