Friday, May 18, 2012

5 Months

Hi sweet girl!!!

Somebody send out an APB, because there is a little munchkin in my house that has kidnapped my baby and replaced her with this big girl!

That's right... you are FIVE months old now! My teeny tiny little baby is now a grown-up. Okay, that might be extreme, but still.... I am amazed by how much you've grown!!!

Yes, that is you practicing your favorite skill, sitting up. You sit up all the time now, and though I'm not ready to leave you attended while sitting, you are SO good at it! You love to sit on your blanket in the living room and play with the mountain of toys at your disposal.

Oh yeah, that is definitely what you think it is - the longest string of drool in the history of the world.

Your other favorite skill??? Grabbing your feet! You do it all the time, but especially when we're changing your diaper or when you're laying in your crib. In fact, you wake up every morning cooing and talking to your feet. It is the cutest thing ever. I love coming into your room to get you, and you get a HUGE smile on your face because mommy has decided to come to the party, and then you go right back to grabbing your tiny feet. But I get it... those tiny baby toes are pretty stinking cute.

Speaking of waking up.... knock on the biggest freaking fat piece of wood, you are officially sleeping through the night. As in, we put you in your crib at 7:00pm, and you're asleep until 7:00am. It is amazing. To accomplish this task, 95% of the work was done by you. You were given a challenge, and you breezed through it with flying colors. The other 5% we owe to a book called The SleepEasy Solution (review coming next week). This book has changed our lives, and everyone in our household is sleeping better, which in turn is making our home a happy and smiley one.

As you grow you are looking more and more like "yourself." Meaning, you're not an indistinguishable newborn anymore. You have a unique look and, okay I know I am extremely biased, but seriously.... you are SO BEAUTIFUL. It's almost heartbreaking how beautiful you are, because then I worry about scary boys with ulterior motives who might some day break your heart. Your eyes are my favorite... a beautiful blue and little light brown in the middle. I just want to stare at you all day long because your smile just makes me so happy.

For as long as I can remember, your grandma Barb has been telling me that I was beautiful. I never doubted that my mom thought I was beautiful, because she told me so much. Most of the time I just rolled my eyes at her or said something like "Ohhhh, mo-om, stop it!" But now, I get it. (Yep, Grandma Barb- I get it now!) She wasn't saying those things to embarrass me... she truly believed that. Even in middle school when I could not have been more ugly or awkward looking. To a mother, you will be hard-pressed to find her another child that is more beautiful or perfect than her own. 

Here's an example: Back in 2012 (assuming you are reading this some time in the future), two famous celebrities were Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. They are both said to be some of the most beautiful people in the world. Well they had a baby named Shiloh (and like 5 more babies, but this was their first biological one). Subsequently, Shiloh was predicted to be the most beautiful baby on Earth. I Googled her image, did a quick comparison, and determined that yes, in fact, you are more beautiful than the most beautiful baby on earth. 

Shiloh, 2007

Emerson, 2012

Yep, she's got nothing on you. (And the proceeding was soooo much biased mom-bragging, so feel free to ignore if it makes you cringe)

I am also loving how determined you are to learn new things. Every single week you have a new trick. You grab every single thing in your way, and it immediately goes into your mouth. Nom nom nom, washcloth, remote, hairbrush, nom nom nom. Thank God I'm not a germaphobe or I would be freaking out!
Vegetable oil, I will OWN YOU!
You amaze me every single day. All I ever want to do is be around you, because you are so fun and so sweet. We've got a big summer ahead of us, I can't wait to experience all of the firsts that are coming up - solid food, swim lessons, two flower girl stints, the beach! Here we go!!!

I love you princess...every day is better now that you're in our world.




  1. such a looker!! and such a good sitter-upper. Nicely done, Emerson. Do you call her Em? I feel like I should call her Em. ;)

  2. You are absolutely, 100% correct. She is gorgeous!

  3. awww what a doll!
    and yes Emerson is sooo much cuter than Shiloh was at 5 mis. Hands down!

  4. so much cuter than Shiloh!! she's gorgeous

    I'm also eager to hear your review on the book! we need some sleeping through the night over here

  5. She is a doll! And WAY cuter than Shiloh!

  6. Oh my goodness. She is gorgeous! Love her headband :)

    Happy 5 months!!!