Thursday, April 5, 2012

A few things...

1) I have zero free time since having a baby. I am okay with this, but I have so much more respect for people who have more than one baby and still work full-time. Ya'll are crazy!

2) Because I have no free time, the only exposure to news and current events I get is the 2 minutes that I'm in the break room microwaving my breakfast sandwich and I get to watch CNN. I get mad when those 2 minutes are commercials because my window to the outside world has been lost.

3) The Kick and Play Piano is one of the best inventions ever:

4) Emerson has now decided that sitting is for "babies" and will stick her long legs out when you hold her so that she is standing at all times. It's quite adorable.

"Daddy, am I supposed to be doing this???"
5) When other people are viewing and judging what you eat each day, you tend to eat less and workout more. Thanks to MyFitnessPals Holly and Kristen! :) I've gotten a few people from work to join in too - let's start a MFP revolution!! (Except not today... we had a potluck at work and I'm ashamed with how much I ate)

6) The other night, I watched The Lion King with Jon for a project for his MBA class. Yes, we are paying $527 per credit hour to watch children's films. Anywhoo, when watching the opening scene for the first time in probably 15 years, and the first time as a mother, I bawled. Cried like a baby. The music, the cute little lion cub, the proud parents, the animals adoring the new baby?? And then I bawled again when Simba found Mufasa dead in the bottom of the canyon. Why does Disney insist on making such terribly sad films??

And that's my life this week... Happy Thursday!!!


  1. Thank You Audra for putting The Circle of Life on your blog. It still moves me and makes me cry joyous tears. Thank you and Jon for continuing the "Circle of Life". Now you know why it was so beautiful to me!!!