Tuesday, January 3, 2012

3 weeks of Emerson


You can't really call yourself a blogger if you never blog. I haven't blogged since LAST YEAR (Gasp!) But between the holidays and having Jon home and having visitors everday... oh, and having a newborn, I figure I get a pass.

So how's it going so far??

Well, I can say without a doubt that being a mom is the most wonderful thing I will ever do.

Every time I look at our sweet baby girl, I am blown away by how much I love her. How I will literally do anything in the world to make her happy. How amazed I am that we could make something so beautiful, so sweet, so innocent, so perfect. Now that we have her, I can't imagine a single day without her. (Which will make being away from her nearly impossible when the time comes, but let's not worry about that yet.)

I've spent the last three weeks memorizing everything about her. If I were any kind of artist, I could paint her picture from memory because of the hours I've spent studying her face, hands, and all of her perfect tiny little features.

So far, she has been a dream baby. She had her days and nights mixed up but got things figured out by week 2. She is active and alert during the day now, and very sleepy at night. Other than waking up to eat during the night, she sleeps like a champ (like daddy) and I actually feel fantastic. Maybe I can survive on less sleep than most people, but luckily I don't feel the delirium that most new parents feel and warned me about. I feel normal... except my normal is now replaced with doing whatever it takes to keep my little girl happy. Which has involved everything from alternating her from arm to arm no less than every 2 minutes to singing her the jingles from commercials just to make her smile.

I've got a ton of blog posts that I'd like to write in the next few weeks, including my list of newborn must-haves, how we decided on the name Emerson, a Christmas recap, nursery pictures, our professional newborn photography experience, and maybe even a brief birth story if I'm feeling ambitious. But first things first... catching up on 3 weeks of adorable baby-ness.
Christmas outfit 1 of 5
This newborn-sized dress was SWIMMING on her. But totally worth the purchase :)
Starting to get annoyed with all of these Christmas outfits MOM!!!
So curious
So bored
Just hanging in there. She LOVES being held like this, not sure why but we go with it.
Laying on the couch with daddy. She looks like she's velcroed to him!
The one and only pacifier she'll take (and only for 5 minutes a day). But darnit she'll look sassy doing it!
My best naps are with daddy! :)


  1. Aww! Congratulations! I'm so happy for you. In picture #6, she is planking. Haha! :)

  2. she's perfect! I LOVE the name Emerson, one of my friends/old boss named his first daughter that, it's just precious, can't wait to read all the posts you have coming up!! :)

  3. Her preciousness is oozing out of her! I can't wait to come visit again! I'm feeling better so I hope to see you guys soon - like this week/end if possible :) I just love her to pieces! I don't love Jon's Michigan blanket, but baby girl makes up for his faux pas in that pic :)

  4. I do love the Michigan blanket...GO BLUE!!