Monday, January 23, 2012

Newborn Photographs

We decided to have newborn photographs of Emerson taken when she was just 7 days old. We wanted a professional to capture her new-ness, and all of her teeny tiny squishy loveliness while she was still unopposed to having her picture taken.

This will go down as one of the best decisions I've ever made. Well, I guess WE made, since Jon had a say in it too.

Overall, it was such a fun experience. Our photographer, Vanessa was so patient, and didn't seem to mind that Em pooped on her white blanket. And her brown blanket. And daddy. And peed on her green blanket. And on her prop box. And daddy. Oh well! I guess that's what happen when you leave a newborn diaper-less for over an hour.

But other than a few tears at the very end, Emerson stayed asleep the ENTIRE time. She let us put her in these ridiculous poses and just slept like the baby that she was. (I mean, IS. My little girl is still a baby. Breathe, Audra, breathe).

So allow me to be one of THOSE moms and share the pictures of her newborn preciousness.

Be still my heart.


  1. Very cute pictures?! Can I meet her yet?! lol.

  2. Just breathe..... Is correct! Her newness is beyond words. Repeat.... I love her more than words can say.

  3. Audra- those are beautiful!!!

  4. Adorable! And you are so smart to have done it when she was so young. We did Oren's at 5 weeks old and he put up a fight the entire time. Definitely not the sleepy baby pictures I was hoping for!

  5. Thank you guys! I had no idea, but apparently getting them taken within the first 10 days is when they are the easiest to take- so glad we did!