Saturday, January 14, 2012

1 month

To my sweet little Emerson,

My baby is growing up so fast :(

I know this will be the first of many times I say this throughout the course of your life. Like your 1st birthday. The day you start kindergarten. When you graduate high school. Get married. Have a baby of your own. I am not ready for any of that.

But as this tiny little sweetheart lays sleeping on my chest right now, I just can't believe you're a month old. On one hand, it feels like you've always been here. On another, it seems like the time flew so fast my head is spinning.

You have changed SO much in the last month. When we left the hospital, you weighed 6 lbs 14oz. You were such a peanut!!! Oh my goodness, you practically disappeared in my arms. Well, you're still a peanut (still wearing newborn clothes and your tiny head is too small for the 55 headbands I bought you). And everyone that meets you says that you are just oh so teeny tiny.

But at your last doctors appointment you weighed 8lbs 2oz, and had grown 1.5 inches!! That was two weeks ago, and I know you've only gotten bigger since then. You have the most ADORABLE belly I have ever seen. It's so "chunky" compared to your long skinny legs, and we love kissing and tickling it. And someday you'll be embarrassed by this, but I swear you have like 4 chins. I die every time I look at them because they are so unbelievably cute.

You're such a sweet baby. You have the most gorgeous eyes, and when you look up at me I feel like you know all of the secrets in the world. Not to mention your beautiful baby lips, which even when pouting are so perfect. I think Daddy said it best when he said "How did we make such a beautiful baby?? I know for a fact neither one of us is this good looking." HAHAHAHA.

Right now, your days are spent looking around, practicing your neck control, eating a ton, and sleeping a ton. Also breaking every heart and winning over every single person that meets you. How can someone so tiny be loved by so many?? I don't know, but I know I love it.

Here are the things you love right now:

- Staring at any available light source. And also curtains.
- Your duckie and your doggie (aka the Wubbnub. I don't have the heart to tell you that duckie is missing in action. I've looked everywhere. Yikes)
- Bath time
- Snuggling
- Eating time
- Daddy's voice
- Having your forehead rubbed
- The Rock and Play
- Your carseat
- Shopping trips. Especially Target. You love Target. A girl after my own heart.

You despise the following things:

- Getting OUT of the bath
- Getting your diaper changed
- Being naked in general (Your father is fine with this)
- When we put hats on you (but it's cold out and you look so cute in them!)
- Buffalo wing sauce. Yep, mommy can't eat that for awhile. You are not a fan. Anything for you though, sweetcheeks.
- Mommy taking your picture over and over (and over) again
- Being put down before you've had the right amount of snuggling

Without a doubt, the last month has been the best of my life. Happy 1 month sweetheart.



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  1. And your Mother's heart will store all these moments to draw on, IF... there are any confrontations in those teen years. Emerson of course will never have a bad day, because she has her Mother's temperment.