Tuesday, January 24, 2012

30 Day Shred

Yesterday I decided to start day 1 of the 30 Day Shred.

Good decision? Yes. Sore muscles?? You bet.

The 30 Day Shred is a workout DVD with Jillian Michaels from The Biggest Loser.  It's a 20 minute workout, but it is HARD. It has 3 levels with varying intensity, and it is the most legit workout DVD I've ever come across. (Except for P90x, but people who do that are cray-cray).

I started doing it before I got pregnant and loved the results. So I figured this, combined with running, would be a nice swift kick in the behind to begin getting back in pre-baby shape! And, in true mommy fashion, I was able to do this DVD in the living room while Em was napping right there. Girlfriend didn't even flinch!

As an alternative to the Shred, I found this easy living room-friendly workout on Pinterest that follows the same principles:

I will definitely be trying this when I need a Shred back (I'm telling you - it's intense!)

The weight is dropping more slowly now (about 1-2 lbs per week), but the transitional jeans I bought to get me through are already too big (WINNING!!) and I've lost 2 inches in my waist in the last 2 weeks (HTH did that happen?!?)

If you have any great tips, recipes, or websites to share, let me have 'em - I've got a bridesmaids dress to wear in 4 months, and I am determined to be back to my old size by then! ;-)


  1. I have been doing the shred on and off for over a year now and it's always my go to work out DVD! I feel so strong after doing it and get so sore. works for me!! love anything Jillian or Bob :)

  2. I did the 30DS for our wedding and HOLY good work out! I might dust that bad boy off and try it again tonight!

  3. I'm shredding right now, I comleted level 2 today and moving onto 3 tomorrow!