Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September 25, 2013

A comparison picture between last Wednesday and today.

Anna is doing wonderfully! The first 12 hours after surgery were rough because, well, she had just had brain surgery. She was just really uncomfortable and obviously in pain. But after some pain meds and a few hours of sleep, she's been much better!

We got moved from the PICU to a regular floor, which is a huge step for us. Though the ICU staff were wonderful, I sincerely hope we never see them again. Well, not there at least.

Anna is eating like her old self too! It was her favorite thing to do before all of this started, so it's nice to get parts of her back.

So now we just wait for the Neurosurgeons to give us the all-clear to go home, which could be as early as Friday! I have never wanted home more than I do now. I want our family of 4 back together again, in the home that we love, and for life to be back to normal.

Baby steps I guess.

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  1. She is so gorgeous, so glad to hear she's doing better! Been keeping up with updates on IG and praying for her and your family!