Tuesday, October 29, 2013

And all that jazz!

Just a quick post to show that I still have a social life! 

Me and the hubs, 1920s style

On Saturday, my good friends Heather and Jess were treated to a "Goodbye to your Roaring Twenties" birthday party. Since they both have birthdays around Halloween, they love hosting Halloween parties every year. But this year, the tables were turned on them and their friends picked the theme. And what cute theme for a 30th birthday, huh?  

It was so nice to get out of the house, spend time with my friends, and laugh, dance, and be ridiculous for a few hours. It wasn't my birthday, but it felt like I had more to celebrate than the birthday girls themselves!

Shawn and Jon, taking selfies
 Happy birthday Heather! And yes, that's a jazz musician in the background. They thought of everything!

And happy birthday Jess! Love you both - so glad you were born!

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  1. You are too cute!! and you're with HOLLY!!! Love her!!! Looks like you had a great night out, with adult fun. You deserve it!

  2. I recognize a lot of otterbein TEMers! Did you go to OC? The party looks adorable and it's always fun to have a party that's a little different:)

    On your other post, good luck with the surgery! I hope the pediatrician has had some sort of consequence??