Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Jennifer Lawrence Guide to Being Awesome

Ok, so can we all just agree that Jennifer Lawrence is the cutest/most talented young starlet in recent years??? She is a refreshing break from all of the vain and talentless "actresses" out there who set women back decades if not centuries (I'm looking at you, KK). 

I came across this article on this morning that only solidified that Jennifer Lawrence and I need to be besties. Anna Kendrick and Emma Stone can come too.

How to be as awesome as Jennifer Lawrence in 6 steps

1. Don't be afraid to get dirty

I mean, I'm a mom. If I don't have some kind of food particle/drool spot left on my clothing from Emerson's tiny hands at any given time, I'm not really doing my job am I?

2. Laugh off your falls

Let's just say no one has ever accused me of being graceful. I'm awkward. I trip all the time. But I really don't ever feel embarrassed about it... probably because it happens so often.

3. When in doubt, call mom

For being the youngest child, I consider myself pretty independent. I can make decisions, take charge, and do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done. But sometimes, you just need your mom or your BFF to give you the validation you need to more forward. Can I get an Amen?

4. Take fashion risks

Though I don't have J. Law's wardrobe budget, I'd like to think I'm a fashion risk-taker. In the sense that I look at my belly in the morning, then look at my closet and I think "Screw convention! I'm gonna wear this cardigan even if I can only button one button. Yeah!"

5. Lose the filter.

It's hard to lose the filter when you didn't have one to begin with. Sometimes things just need to be said. Life's too short.

6. Don't obsess over your body

This is a hard thing to do when you've been pregnant 3 times in 3 years. My body hasn't looked what I would consider "normal" for a long time, but the reasons behind that are well worth the temporary sacrifice. Still, it's wonderful to see a beautiful actress who looks great, looks "normal", and admits that she chows down on Cheetos like the best of us.

Now, 6 steps later, tell me you're not in love with this girl right???


  1. I LOVE her! She's so funny and seems so damn real. I love people who keep it real in Hollywood. Plus, she's adorable.

  2. This is awesome! And I just love her. I wouldn't be mad if she was my new BFF. I come with Cheetos :) But seriously, she really is a breath of fresh air on the Hollywood scene - real, honest, hilarious and beautiful in a natural way. Plus, who doesn't love a girl who can laugh at herself and eat, right?!

  3. Yup...I totally love her too. I love that she acts like a normal person and can eat some chips or cheetos! about clumsy...I am constantly tripping and falling so it's refreshing that she can laugh it off.

  4. When we watched Winters Bone a few years ago, I thought "Ho-ly crap this girl is good". That is when she really deserved the Oscar! I read that article yesterday and was glad to see she is pretty normal;). And she looks just like me in that red dress. Ha.

  5. i liked her before the oscars but after seeing her and watching different interviews with her, i love her!

  6. This cracked me up but I totally her!