Wednesday, February 27, 2013

So What! Wednesday

 Today is a great day for So What!ing. In the words of Pink, today I'm saying SO WHAT if....
  • Our house hasn't sold yet. Crap on a cracker.
  • The people who just HAD to get in to see our house at 8:00pm last night only stayed for 10 minutes. I am trying not to be bitter about interrupting Emerson's bedtime for people who are obviously not going to buy the house. Trying being the key word here.
  • I feel fussier than a toddler about this whole home-selling process. I go from up to down in a matter of minutes. Dear future self: NEVER try this again whilst pregnant. Never.
  • I ate my feelings for dinner (aka half a box of spaghetti and 7 Oreos. And french fries.)
  • I accidentally microwaved my breakfast sandwich for 6 minutes, not 60 seconds. I realized it halfway through, but it was inedible. Guess that means I have to get a meatball sub for lunch.
  • I just can't get into the 'Real Housewives' and the gaggle of terrifying teen shows on MTV. Everyone I know watches them, I just can't do it. I watch The Bachelor, isn't that enough torture?
  • I am more than a little skeeved out about having an Open House on Sunday, because I just picture our nosy neighbors coming through and peeking at my underoo drawer. I'm telling you, it'll happen.
  • I'm grumpy today. Can we tell? 


  1. Good luck with selling your house! We have a condo we want to sell SO BADLY but probably won't be able to for a few years. So we rent it out. And that? Comes with about a zillion other stresses I seriously don't ever feel like dealing with. But still. Selling a house must be WAY more stressful -- and while pregnant? A nightmare. Keeping my fingers crossed for ya!

  2. We moved from OH to TX in December and our home in OH is still on the market and I am so happy that my belongings aren't in the home for any Tom, Dick or Larry to go through.

  3. Crap on a cracker...I like it! I mean I thought we were soul mates until you said you can't get into the Real Housewives...who are you?!?!

  4. I'm so sorry that you haven't had a buyer yet. I can tell you that we were super motivated buyers and wanted it all to be over very quickly but the sellers took forever to counter offer us and get things on contract.
    I hope you get someone soon!

    1. I know it'll sell, I'm just realllly feeling the time crunch with this little one in my belly getting bigger and bigger each day! Eeek! It's alot of stress to handle when you're full of pregnancy hormones as it is!

  5. Sounds like someone needs some FRE tonight!