Tuesday, February 5, 2013

BUY ME!!!!

Today is the day!!! 

 Our house is officially on the market!! And within 1 hour of the listing going live, I got a call that we have our first showing at 12:30 today!! Apparently that 'Coming Soon' sign worked it's magic! 

Wanna see a tour of our house? Well, you're gonna. 

 I've included some of the "Before" shots from the listing when we bought it for fun. I wish we had more, because you cannot fully fathom how much time and energy went into making this house a home. So without further ado....


I wish that the dogwood tree to the left here was in bloom, because it's gorgeous in the spring, but when you decide to list in February, you take what you can get.

Foyer/Entry Before

Foyer/Entry Today

Kitchen Before

Kitchen Today

I wish we had more time to update this space and paint the cabinets white, but hopefully people can see past all that wood!

Living Room Before

Living Room Today


Dining Room Before

Dining Room Today

2nd Floor Hallway

Master Bedroom
I spy a beautiful baby on the armoire!! Our realtor actually discouraged us from taking it down because Emerson was so cute. So we listened to her advice ;-)


 Master Bedroom Closet

Master Bathroom

I want to hop in a DeLorean, go back to 2008, and punch myself for not taking a 'Before' Shot of this room. It was a DISASTER, and Jon did an amazing job renovating it.

Spare Bedroom

Nursery/3rd Bedroom

3rd Floor/Attic

This space has alot of potential, and we would probably would have finished it this summer if we decided not to move. But some lucky new owners will have that option! (I hope)

Soooooooo, what do we think??? Would you buy this house???


  1. YES! I would totally buy your house! It was super cute to begin with, but your little changes have made it super modern but also warm at the same time. And your nursery, omg it's sooo cute! LOVE the crib!

  2. I cannot believe you are moving! Your house is so beautiful - you can tell that you've put a lot of love into it.

  3. Um, I'd totally buy it!! It looks great and you guys put so much into it. I'd also like to say how jealous I am of E's room! It's so awesome!! Good Luck!!

  4. It's beautiful!! I love your renovations! Good luck!

  5. I bet your house will go so fast 1) because it's adorable 2) It's in a good location! What isn't to like?!

  6. I would buy your house! love the attic! Good luck! I bet it sells fast!

  7. I would! I LOVE your house! The wood flooring, the openess, all your upgrades! It'll sell quickly!

  8. Your house is adorable! I love the character and especially the front porch!
    This has nothing to do with the actual house, but I love the round crib, SO fun! And I think we have the same couch. :)

  9. I'm in love. Great job. And none of the houses you described yesterday even come close!!

  10. I so wish I was ready to buy right now! Its so cute and would be perfect for Boomer and I.

  11. Audra...it looks awesome. I'm sure it will sell in no time. I have a question..did you paint all the trim or did you just put new trim on? I need new trim but debating what to do.

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