Monday, March 4, 2013


Some of you may have already seen through Instagram, but I have something I would like to show you on this fine Monday morning:

That's right - we sold our house!!!! We are officially in contract. Life has a crazy way of working out. Though we've just introduced a whole brand new level of stress into our lives (we have to be out by April 1st - shit!) it's the good kind of stress. Meaning, we get to go find our "dream" house, or something close enough. In a perfect world, we'd move in somewhere before new baby gets here, but I also don't want to impulsively buy something just because we're on a time crunch, and then regret it 6 months later. Yanno? 

Worst case scenario? We move into an apartment for a few months while we wait for "our" house to come along (and I'm hoping it comes along soon, since the vast majority of new listings go up in the spring). 

I probably should be more panicky about this, and maybe I will be, but honestly I feel so relieved. This was one thing I couldn't control. You can choose your house, you can choose your own timeline to buy a house, but you can't force someone to buy your house. And luckily, there was no force involved. Just a wonderful couple who needed to buy a home quickly and ours was their favorite :) I plan on buying them a fancy bottle of wine to leave on the counter for when they move in, as a small THANK YOU for changing our lives.

So funny/crazy story about this. 3 weeks ago, I followed the advice of a co-worker and ordered the St. Joseph statue off Amazon (for the bargain price of $6.97 mind you). Burying this statue upside down in your backyard plus having a little bit of faith is supposed to give you good luck in selling your house.

When it arrived, I waited until Emerson went to bed to go bury it. Well, it was dark and cold, and the ground was frozen. So essentially I just shoved it into the ground, but I couldn't get it to go all the way in. Oh well, I thought. If it works, it works. If not, not.

Well the next day I started feeling really uneasy about it. I told Jon I was going to go re-bury it. I felt like I did it wrong and it wasn't going to work. But I couldn't find it! I looked all around where I had placed it, and it was nowhere to be found. So I just figured it sank down enough to be properly buried.

On Friday afternoon, I texted Jon to go throw out an old dehumidifier from our basement and I had just remembered it was down there. We had a showing that day and I thought it was an eyesore so I wanted to get rid of it before our open house on Sunday. On his way out the back door, Jon thought about the statue and wondered if it had resurfaced after the rain we'd been having. As he looked down, he saw the feet of the statue popping up out of the ground! He wasn't there when I buried it, so he had no idea where, in our entire backyard, I had put it. So being the nice guy he is, since he knew I was paranoid about it, he unearthed the statue and gave it a proper burial and covered it with grass.

We had a showing 30 minutes later, and a signed offer later that night. 

Whether or not you believe in God, saints, or miracles, even you have to admit that's a pretty interesting coincidence....

So now we move. In 27 days. Hooray! And oh crap!


  1. Congratulations! That is so exciting! I have never heard of the statue thing until our neighbors just sold our house and she told me about it. Everyone she knew had amazing luck with it. And they sold their house 4 days after it went on the market. So you can guarantee I will be burying that statue when we're ready to sell!

    I hope you find your perfect house! It will all be so worth the stress in the end when you have your new baby and new house :)

  2. HELL YEAH!!!!! :) Excited for you!

  3. EEEPP!!! So happy for you guys! Congrats!

  4. SOOO exciting!! Congratulations. My mom swears by the St. Joseph statute. We moved a ton growing up and she always used the same one...I guess you are supposed to unbury it when you move and place it somewhere in your new home. I know I will definitely use one and cross my fingers if we ever move!

  5. “I also don't want to impulsively buy something just because we're on a time crunch, and then regret it 6 months later.” - This is so true! That's why it's important to think things through and weigh your options before jumping on the buying-a-new-house bandwagon. Consider your preferences for a house and your financial stability to support it. By the way, your new house is lovely. :)
    Jamie Hooper