Wednesday, July 18, 2012

So What! Wednesday

Well hey there friends!!!

Today I'm saying "So What!" if...

I've had radio silence on this blog lately. I just have nothing interesting to say. Even though most of the time what I write on here isn't all that interesting, I just felt like the internet needed a break from my ramblings.

I'm going to see Magic Mike tomorrow. It will be awesomely bad, but I'm even more excited to hang out with my lady friends who I haven't seen in forevs.

I like shortening all my sentences a la Penny Harts from Happy Endings. Me, Penny, and Emma Stone are all long lost sisters - they just don't know it yet. For realz.

I'm strangely curious about the baby bloom that is sure to come thanks to this steamy summer and it's 50 Shades of Magic Mike

I'm 28 and I want to buy eye cream. I am terrified that 4.5 months of sleep deprivation have wreaked havoc on my face and given me wrinkles.

I have run 3 half marathons, and yet am resorting to the Couch to 5k program. My running has been SLACKING lately and I need to pick it back up. Where is my motivation??? Probably at the bottom of that there M&M bag.

I am OBSESSED with The Bachelorette franchise and just want the finale to be here right now. Does Emily pick cute hipster Jef (with one F, because having two f's is so yesterday) or Arie, the smooth operator who fills awkward silences by attacking Emily's mouth??!?! I need to know.

I have only recently discovered Spotify, and I shudder at the thought of how much music I have been missing out on because of my naivete. Why am I always tardy to the party when it comes to awesome things??? Shame on me. 

I'm so happy for Katie Holmes. No woman should have to wear flats if she doesn't want to. Or worship aliens.

In other non-So What news, I just found out that I won Shannon's GroopDealz Target giveaway!!! I never win anything (ok ok, except a book contest in kindergarten and homecoming queen in college. Literally the only two things I've ever "won"). Thank you Shannon and GroopDealz - Momma is going SHOPPING!!!

What are you saying So What! to today?!?


  1. I'm with ya on the being happy for katie holmes! my neighbor is her sister and {if it wasn't so creepy/weird} i would totally go over there and tell her how freaking happy i am her sister WOKE up!

  2. Aww, I've missed your blog. You're such a good writer plus we like the same stuff so you know, I like catching up on the cool stuff you're doing :)

    On the Bachelorette... who do you think she'll pick? I feel certain she picks one of them. I want it to be Jef, but I worrk she's too 'snappy' (what? is it 1940 what kind of word is that?) for him. I guess the better word is sassy? Abrasive? I think Emily has been more 'herself' this season (that girl cusses like a sailor!) But jef does too with 'i want to date you like crazy and marry the %^* out of you' (pretty close to what he said, right?)

    I am so proud of you for doing three 1/2's omg!!!you are amazing. No shame in couch to 5k-ing it up, that ish works!

    Oh and yes, spotify is amazing. boo on pandora lol.

  3. Yay for you winning the giftcard! That's awesome!
    Totally agree about Katie happy for her.
    I think Emily will pick Jef. Arie is hot though, but so awkward with his family (in my opinion).

  4. Yeah for winning! Also on the couch to 5K i love it. It is structured which I need. I am not a runner so this is helping me out a lot.