Thursday, July 5, 2012

Independence Day

We're back on line!!!!!!

After 5 days of no power, the gods decided to smile down on Bexley, Ohio and restore our electricity. 

I cannot, in any way, articulate how grateful I am for electricity.

I realize that this is a truly first world problem, and part of me dies inside for complaining about it since a) It could be worse - way worse b) At least we have a home in which to lose electricity and c) At least we have the money to pay our electric bill.

However, I am still thankful that my life and routine have been restored. In honor of Independence day, I have realized I am absolutely positively 100% dependent on electricity. My sisters-in-law have very graciously hosted us for the past week, but I was just SO READY to be home. In my own bed. Not living out of suitcase. And with Emerson in her own crib, not a Pack n Play. I mean, wouldn't you want to come home and rest in a bed like this????
Our holiday was low key but lovely. We slept in, and then went to a friends house to watch the Worthington Hills July 4th parade. It was hotter than Hades, but it was fun nonetheless. However, I was left wondering..... how does one get "in" a parade?? Seriously, the parade was the most random cast of characters - next year can I just show up in a convertible with a little sign on it and some candy and be granted the privilege of waving to the neighborhood??? I don't get it...
Then we had a cookout at Lindsay's house, where Jon made the most amazing brats cooked in Yuengling. Oh Mylanta, they were good. I may have had two. I feel like holidays are exempt for feeling guilt about eating something with a synthetic casing. Yep.
I can also say that I did not see one firework this year. By the time we got home, we were all exhausted and I just wanted to go to bed. This idea was thwarted  by the fireworks show going on half a mile from us. I love our little town, but at the moment I wanted to kick someone. BOOM BOOM BOOM. Don't these people understand I have to work tomorrow?!? BOOM BOOM BOOM.  It was so loud I could hear the fireworks through Em's monitor. I watched with bated breath, thinking there was no way she wouldn't wake up - but sweet princess surprised us and slept right through it... WIN!

All in all, we had a darn good 4th, considering the circumstances. Maybe next year when Em goes to bed later than 6:30pm we can take her to the fireworks instead of praying she doesn't hear them. Either way, every holiday is that much better now that she's here :)


  1. Thank goodness you got power back! We complained on our side of town when it was out for 12 hours, not knowing that it would go on for days for the East side!!

    I'd have to say last night was the worst night of sleep I have had in a long time. City fireworks, then neighbors setting off their own, then that THUNDER!! I don't know how the babies sleep through it. Maybe it is their pretty little nurseries, like you said:o)

  2. Glad your power is back.

    Absolutely LOVE Emerson's room!

  3. omg her crib is gorgeous! what a beautiful nursery :)

  4. so glad you're back home - I've had a few of those moments lately too... been so frustrated about so many things but also realizing how fortunate/lucky I really am (all about perspective right?!)....

    ANYWAYS, Emerson's nursery is SO pretty - have you not posted pictures of it before?! Did I just miss it...?? Also, that last picture makes my heart smile, she is SO stinking CUTE!