Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sniff sniff

To you, this may be just a bin full of clothes. Unfolded ones at that.

To me, this is a canyon of adorable baby girl clothing in sizes newborn and 0-3 months that my baby will never wear again.

I finally forced myself to clean out Emerson's dresser drawers to make room for her summer clothes. Picking up each and every teeny tiny little onesie made me tear up. Where did my newborn go?!?!

Now of course, I am loving every second with my 4 month old, and I love that every single day she learns something new, but there's something so... final about putting away her newborn clothes. She's only going to get bigger and bigger. In no time at all, she'll be asking me to drop her off a block from the mall so her friends don't see that her Mo-ommm drove her there.

And this is where it gets sticky... now I get why so many people have babies that are only 12-18 months apart in age. Seeing those tiny outfits made me think "Ohhhh, I want another baby like NOW!" This is a dangerous thought. But who could blame me when I have such a sweetheart at home?



  1. I did the same thing this weekend!! It's heartbreaking!

  2. Aww, look at all her little clothes! She is getting so big, but just so darn cute! I just love her :)

  3. Yea, putting those clothes away seems just so bittersweet! But at the same time, I feel like it's just putting away that chapter and opening another with the new clothes. Your girl is just sooo cute! Before ya know it, she'll be 20 months old running around like a crazy women! I love it! I live for it!! It's amazing!