Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May 9 in numbers

 3 years

1 beautiful rainbow baby girl

1 perfect angel baby boy

14 months of pregnancy

1 mortgage

6 months of unemployment

5 jobs/promotions/career moves

3 cars

2 sibling engagements

2.5 nieces/nephews born

2190 "I love yous"

3285 kisses

100,000 tears shed for baby Jack

27 dinners ruined/overcooked/burned

1,000 bad jokes told

5,000+ laughs shared

A million memories made.... and a lifetime of memories ahead

Happy anniversary to the greatest person I know.


  1. I love your and your husband's love! Congratulations on your anniversary!
    Where did you get married, this is a gorgeous pic!

  2. Aww lovely! Happy anniversary! We are getting married in exactly one month :)

  3. this is awesome. happy anny to you guys!

  4. Love how you did this! Happy Anniversary!

  5. Very cute post! Happy Anniversary!

  6. Happy Anniversary! My husband and I just celebrated 3 years as well, on May 2. :)