Friday, April 27, 2012

That's Funny Friday

Happy Friday!!!

This week has flown by, and though many funny things happened to me, most are not appropriate to share on this blog (Oh, get your mind out of the gutter, I just don't like using curse words when Emerson may read this some day!)

Some highlights:
~ My daughter has a dirty old man's laugh. When she laughs, her tiny baby voice becomes really deep and guttural. It's hilarious but actually a little unnerving. Is she an old man trapped in a tiny baby body??

~ I saw a car with the license plate: "SMRT BUT" this week and laughed so hard. This has inspired me to get a new one of my own. I feel compelled to spread good cheer to everyone in the region on my drive to work every day. I'll take nominations. I think the word "fart" should be in there somewhere, because who doesn't think the word fart is funny???

~ Jon and I have this running joke at night when I ask him to spoon me; he'll say no at least 3 times before he "gives in." So the other night I asked him to spoon me and instead of saying "no" he said:

"But sweetheart, we are spooning." Mind you, we were on opposites sides of our king bed.

And so I said " Jon, this doesn't count as spooning. Our feet aren't even touching!"

To which he replied "No, sure we are. We're like two spoons.... Dropped randomly into the same drawer."

That right there, well... that's love, folks.

And now, some baby humor to get you through your day...

Truer words have never been spoken... or written on a onesie. Period.

So terrible....

So inappropriate....

That poor girl...

This is how Emerson feels every day....

And these photos are good for a few more giggles. I am embarrassed for how much I laughed at each of these. I guess I have very non-discriminatory taste when it comes to humor.

OMG, especially this one.... Hysterical!!!!


Oh, Wal-Mart

Have a funny weekend!!!


  1. Loved these photos, I cracked up!!

  2. Haha, your husband sounds charming! That's cute. :) I looove that spoon. Have a great weekend!!

  3. Your husband sounds hysterical. Love it! Photos were adorable...