Thursday, May 10, 2012

Twenty Eight

Alright confession time... who has seen My Best Friends Wedding??

You know what movie I'm talking about. Starring Julia Roberts, dude with a deep voice, and that English guy who is also the voice of the spoiled prince in Shrek.

The first time I can recall seeing this movie, I was in 7th grade. A wee baby. I remember watching this movie and being awestruck by the premise.

See, Julia and Deep voice guy briefly dated in college, then broke up, and became best friends. One night, they agreed that if they weren't married by the time they were 28, they'd marry each other.

Simple enough, right?? Haven't we all had that "back-up" friend that we said we'd marry if things didn't pan out any earlier?? I *think* I have this pact with my friend Brendan, but I guess our contract is null and void since, as you saw yesterday, I am lawfully wed.

The reason this movie is significant is that today is my 28th birthday. I am 28 years old!! Late twenties!!! Almost 30!!! How did that happen?!?! I'm the youngest child, youngest children don't turn 28!

Hahahaha. But seriously, when I was 12 and watched the movie My Best Friends Wedding, I remember thinking:

"Ok, so 28 is officially old. That's the age when if you aren't talking to someone (because that's what we called dating in middle school), you should probably just buy 50 cats and some mumus, because you've over the hill."

My, how my opinion has changed...... I know some day Emerson will have that moment of "Wow, my mom is OLD" and then I will have to school her on what old really is. And also tell her that if she waits until she's 28 to get married, daddy and I will pay for the whole thing. You've got that in writing princess!


  1. Love My Best Friends Wedding :) and Happy Birthday!!!!

  2. happy birthday pretty lady! hope it's a great year!

  3. Happy Birthday! Funny how our anniversaries AND birthdays are so close! I will be 29 on Saturday. I had a pact with my best friend when I was in high school, that if we weren't married by 40, we would get married to each other. 28 is too young to give up! :)