Monday, April 23, 2012

4 Months

My sweet little Emerson,

I am terrible about writing your month letters on time, but just know the reason I am so far behind is because I spend ALL of my free time with you. Ask anyone I know, including your grandparents. By the time I get home from work, I want to absorb every single second with you before you go to bed. And then I have about 15 minutes to wash your bottles, have a glass of water, and brush my teeth before I go to bed myself. See below. Greasy hair, no makeup, but all that matters is that you're smiling.

The lack of free time is soooo worth it because you, my dear, are amazing. I jokingly call you my best friend (sorry Jess), and I think it's because your best friend is the person who you can be around all day long and never tire of them. And just like your Aunt Jess, you are that person to me. I love literally every single about you. Your laugh, your smile, your eyes, your hair... you name, I love it.

You have grown by leaps and bounds this month, and I do mean that literally. We had your 4 month well visit, and you have grown SIX INCHES since birth. I'm no mathematician, but 6 inches in 4 months seems like alot. Your legs may be longer than mine already, and most of your pants look like capris. You were in the 80th percentile for height, and 50th percentile for weight, which supports my theory that you are a long, lean baby. But you still have perfect amounts of baby chub in your legs, cheeks, and belly. You weigh 13 lbs 10 ounces, which is also astonishing because I still don't understand how you've gained over 6 lbs just by nursing. Like, how does the human body produce enough food to feed a child?? I just don't get it. Any scientists out there, please explain this to me. I am willing to listen to the scientific and detailed explanation, so long as you bring the coffee.

You have grown enough hair that when you wake up in the morning your hair looks fussed. It is so.stinking.adorable. The top of your head has the softest tuft of hair that is so light it makes me think you'll be a blonde. But then your mullet the back of your hair is still the dark brown that it was when you were born, so who knows. Your eyes are getting lighter every day, and are a beautiful shade of blue. Just like your daddy. But you do have a ring of hazel in them like mine, just to make your mommy feel better, I'm sure.

You talk pretty much non-stop now. You have so much to say! I think I've heard every letter of the alphabet come out of your mouth, though you have your own vocabulary. You say words that we don't understand, but we've also heard such golden vernacular as "Hey" "Yeah" "Hi" "Gee" and my personal favorite "Andy" which is strange because we certainly don't know an Andy. You better not be sneaking out already! Mommy has eyes in the back of her head now. They give them to you when you are discharged from the hospital, along with the ability to be immune to the smell of baby poo and to have no problem wiping away the near constant stream of drool on all of your clothes.


Oh yes. You drool ALL THE TIME. This started about a month ago and I thought it was because you were teething. But no teeth in sight - just enough drool to drown a small village. Fortunately, I could count on one hand how many times you spit up as a baby (including one projectile spit up incident involving an adorable green jacket- sorry Aunt Mern!!!) So now I think you are overcompensating for lack of spit up with drool. Which is cool. Drool is cool. See what I did there?

You are also WAY more mobile than the floppy baby we took home 4 months ago. We have reached the point where we can't have anything breakable near you whatsoever, because it WILL end up in your hands or on the floor (I learned this lesson when you knocked a full pint glass of water onto the ground in under two seconds). You love rolling onto your side when you're laying down, or sitting up/"standing" when you're being held. You can even sit up on your own for a few seconds! Cradling you like a baby only gets to happen at naptime and bedtime, but at least I still get to hang on to your baby snuggles for a little longer. We can basically hold you in what I call the "toddler hold" where you sort of balance the baby on your hip. You have such good head/neck/body control that you basically will be walking like tomorrow. Oh, and you also discovered this little nifty trick:


You've technically been rolling over for awhile now, but only when you're on our bed because it's so soft and plush, but now you do it on the floor and it's so cute. I could kick myself for cutting off the video when I did because for a solid minute afterward you laughed and smiled because you were so proud of yourself. One of those "mommy" moments I will never forget.

You are just so loving. The other day after I got done feeding you, you looked up at me with the most adoring eyes, and even your Aunt Lin noticed that sweet loving look you gave me. You do it all the time, but it was nice to know someone else noticed and that it wasn't just in my head. It's also amazing when your daddy comes home and you give him the biggest smiles. There is NO doubt in my mind that you know who we are, and think we're pretty cool. (Ok, I added the cool part, but you probably feel that way).

Every single day I find myself more in awe with you. I just can't imagine finding any one person more incredible than you are. I love being around you, I love seeing your beautiful smile, I love hearing you laugh, I love watching you discover new things, and most of all, I LOVE being your mom.

Until next month sweetness.




  1. Oh Emerson, you are so adorable and you have one amazing momma to write you these sweet letters. have fun yabbering today!

    1. Thanks- I feel like I'm the lucky one! And yes, she did talk all day. Girlfriend has alot to say!

  2. Love it!! Happy belated 4 months to Emerson! She is just too cute! Love the videos!

  3. She's just adorable! I love reading about your little girl! Those videos are the cutest!!

    1. Thank you!! I think having videos is so important because you miss so much, and it's nice to look back and see how tiny they were!

  4. I know I already commented on this post, but I forgot to tell you that I gave you an award! Check it out here

    1. Wow, that's so sweet - I'm flattered!!! I will definitely re-blog! :)